Welcome to our unboxing of the highly anticipated Dualtron Thunder 3! Today, we couldn't contain our excitement and have already dived into the box to reveal this powerful scooter. While we will provide more in-depth information, let's take a closer look at the Thunder 3 and its exciting features.

What's in the Box:

Inside the box, you'll find the standard accessories including cables, charger, and two user manuals. The manuals have been made more practical and visually appealing, offering usage instructions and detailed technical information. It's important to familiarize yourself with these manuals, especially regarding charging and display installation.

Scooter Features and Improvements:

The Thunder 3 showcases several notable improvements. First, its enhanced water resistance reduces water intake compared to previous models, ensuring a more reliable ride even in wet conditions. Adding to the excitement, the Turbo button on the left side caters to thrill-seekers who enjoy Turbo mode. We can't wait to experience it ourselves!

The four-piston brakes provide enhanced safety and efficiency, offering peace of mind without the need for ABS. The button layout on the handlebar has been redesigned, making it easier to activate and deactivate Turbo mode. Additionally, the handlebar grips now come with integrated lights, while the front features turn signals for improved visibility and safety.

Practical Enhancements:

Dualtron has addressed common concerns by increasing the size and robustness of the mudguards, effectively reducing water splashing issues. The addition of plastic protectors further ensures durability. The standard damper movement feels smooth and impressive, complemented by the light tube on top that enhances visibility.

Handlebar Folding Mechanism:

To fold the Thunder 3, it's important to note that the handlebar doesn't fold directly. Instead, you need to pull up a pin on the side to unlock the handlebar, followed by pressing pins on both sides to fold the scooter. This mechanism ensures a secure and hassle-free folding process.

Motor Power and Battery:

The Thunder 3 boasts an increased motor power of 10.8 kW, providing even more exhilarating performance. Powered by LG batteries with a capacity of 70 Ah, this scooter offers an optimal balance between power and endurance. Dualtron's overall structural enhancements and improved lighting contribute to an outstanding riding experience.


While we have covered the highlights of the Dualtron Thunder 3 in this unboxing article, there's much more to explore. From its impressive features to practical enhancements, Dualtron has once again proven their commitment to delivering exceptional electric scooters. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the Thunder 3 and share our firsthand experiences with this thrilling new addition to the Dualtron family