Introduction to EY4 Throttle Smart Display

The EY4 throttle smart display is a popular accessory for Dualtron electric scooters, offering advanced settings and customization options. The P settings, or parameter settings, allow riders to personalize their scooter's performance and features. In this guide, we will explore the P settings available on the EY4 throttle smart display for Dualtron electric scooters, providing a comprehensive overview of each parameter and its function.

Download the EY4 Throttle User Manual

Download the EY4 User Manual PDF (English)

P Settings Guide for EY4 Throttle Smart Display on Dualtron Electric Scooters

EY4 Throttle Functions Explained

01 Zero Start and Non-Zero Start Selection Mode

  • OFF: Enables zero start or stationary start.
  • ON: Activates non-zero start mode, providing a seamless acceleration experience.

02 Hard Start and Soft Start Selection Mode

  • 0: Enables hard start for quick initial acceleration.
  • 1-5: Offers various soft start options, ranging from 0.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds for smoother acceleration.

03 EBS (Electronic Brake System) Intensity Selection Mode

  • 0: Disables EBS functionality.
  • 1-5: Adjusts the strength of the EBS, with level 5 providing the strongest braking power.

04 ABS Function Control Mode

  • OFF: Deactivates ABS (Anti-lock Braking System).
  • ON: Activates ABS, enhancing safety by preventing wheel lock-up during braking.

05 Motor Torque Setting Mode

  • 1-3: Allows adjustment of the motor torque, with level 3 providing maximum torque output.

06 Speed Limit Percentage Control Mode

  • 5-100: Sets the speed limit as a percentage of the maximum speed in the current gear.

07 Password Lock Mode On/Off

  • ON: Enables password lock for added security. Requires password input to start the scooter.
  • OFF: Disables password lock.

08 Change Password Mode

  • Allows users to modify the password for the scooter's security features.

09 Safety Mode

  • Activates automatically after a predefined stationary duration (configurable from 0 to 300 seconds). In safety mode, the throttle is disabled until the scooter is physically moved or the safety mode is manually deactivated.

10 Cruise Control Mode Selection

  • OFF: Disables cruise control functionality.
  • ON: Enables cruise control mode for maintaining a consistent speed over a specified duration.

11 Prevent BMS CUT Mode

  • Enables or disables the Prevent BMS CUT mode, which automatically activates ECO mode when the battery level drops below 20%.

12 Automatic Shutdown Time Setting

  • Sets the duration of inactivity required for the scooter to automatically shut down.

13 LCD Backlight Brightness Adjustment Mode:

  • Adjusts the brightness level of the throttle's LCD backlight.

14 Time Setting

  • Allows users to set the time displayed on the throttle.

15 Unit Selection Mode (Km/h or Mp/h)

  • 0: Displays speed and distance in kilometers per hour (Km/h).
  • 1: Displays speed and distance in miles per hour (Mp/h).

16 Motor Wheel Diameter Setting Mode

  • Adjusts the wheel diameter of the scooter for accurate speed and distance measurements.

17 Battery Voltage Selection Mode

  • Displays and allows selection of the appropriate battery voltage for accurate battery monitoring.

18 Motor Pole Pairs Setting Mode

  • Adjusts the number of motor pole pairs for accurate speed readings. Must match the scooter's motor specifications.


Understanding and utilizing the P settings on the EY4 throttle smart display for Dualtron electric scooters empowers riders to fine-tune their scooter's performance and tailor it to their preferences. By exploring each parameter's function and making adjustments accordingly, riders can optimize their riding experience and take full advantage of their Dualtron electric scooter's capabilities.