Dualtron Achilleus New 35Ah

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Achilleus New 60V 35Ah Specs

Max Power: 4648 watts
Max Speed: 70 km/h
Max Range: 90 km
Max Load: 100 kg
Weight: 40 kg
Battery Voltage: 60V
Battery Amperage: 35 Ah
Battery Cell Type: LG-M50LT-21700


Dualtron Achilleus New 60V 35Ah

In the ever-evolving landscape of electric scooter transportation, the Dualtron Achilleus New emerges as a beacon of innovation and performance. This latest addition to kthe Dualtron Achilleus series is not just an electric scooter; it's a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence by Minimotors. With its groundbreaking features and top-of-the-line specifications, the Dualtron Achilleus New sets a new benchmark for what riders can expect from an electric scooter in 2024.

Power Unleashed: The Heart of Dualtron Achilleus 2024

At the core of the Dualtron Achilleus New lies a the 4648-watt dual hub motor, propelling riders to a breathtaking top speed of 70 km/h. This sheer power is complemented by a high-capacity 35 Ah battery, featuring LG-M50LT-21700 cells. Operating at 60V, this powerhouse ensures efficient power delivery, enabling riders to conquer distances of up to 90 km on a single charge. Designed to accommodate a maximum load of 100 kg, the Dualtron Achilleus 2024 is a versatile beast, ready to meet the demands of a wide range of users.

Innovations and Upgrades: What's New in Achilles 2024?

Enhanced Braking System

Transitioning from Zoom Hydraulic Brakes, the Achilles 2024 now boasts Nutt Hydraulic Disc Brakes, offering more reliable stopping power and control for the safest ride possible.

Intuitive Controls

A waterproof multi-switch on the left-hand side of the handlebar provides easy access to the headlight, indicators, and horn, enhancing convenience and safety. Additionally, a new single dual button on the right side allows for swift toggling between single and dual motor modes, offering customizable power on the go. This switch is similar to the Dualtron Thunder 3 Turbo Button, but in Black colour as opposed to the Turbo Red Button on the Dualtron Thunder 3.

Advanced Display and Connectivity

The Achilles comes equipped with the new waterproof EY4 Display, integrated with the Minimotors App. This setup not only offers enhanced water resistance but also provides riders with a comprehensive overview of their scooter's status and settings through their phone as well as increased security through the use of a 4-digit PIN code.

Safety and Stability Improvements

The scooter's steering column and folding system have been upgraded with a 3-point bolt connection, significantly enhancing the assembly's safety and stability.

Lighting and Visibility

From its powerful 30W headlight to the updated RGB lights on the side covers and steering column, side arms, the Dualtron Achilleus 2024 ensures optimal visibility and safety, day or night.

Comfort and Convenience

An updated kickstand and an illuminated footrest with a unique design not only add to the scooter's aesthetic appeal but also improve its functionality and rider comfort. The option to add a seat further enhances versatility, catering to longer rides or those preferring a seated position.

Maintenance and Durability

Improvements such as insulated charging ports with new rubber covers and a silicone deck underscore the scooter's commitment to durability and electrical safety. The strategic repositioning of side cover screws above the battery compartment maintains safety around the battery pack during servicing.

Riding Into the Future

The Dualtron Achilleus New is not just an electric scooter; it's a comprehensive mobility solution that blends performance, safety, and style seamlessly. With its array of updates and features, it stands as a monument to what the future of personal transportation looks like—fast, efficient, and exhilarating.

In the box, riders will find everything needed to embark on their journey, including a standard charger, nut caps, a power cable for the charger, and a multi-tool set emblazoned with the Minimotors logo. Whether opting for the 60V 28 AH China cells or the premium 60V 35 AH LG cells, riders are guaranteed a ride that's not just about getting from point A to B—it's about the thrill of the journey.

Dualtron Achilleus New 2024 Ticks Many Boxes as your next purchase

The Dualtron Achilleus New is more than just an electric scooter; it's a declaration of freedom and innovation.This full-size electric scooter for adults satisfied the need for a good price, a large footpad and a lightweight designed, combined with full size tyres, individual controllers per motor, ample deck space and illumination, as well as connectivity, road safety, braking, handling and servicing and wiring design improvements.

Quick Overview of Updates / Upgrades / What has Remained the Same

Updates / Upgrades on the Dualtron Achilleus New 2024 (EY4)

  • Brake System: The DUALTRON ACHILLEUS 2024 has been upgraded to Nutt Hydraulic Disc Brakes from the previous Zoom brakes, enhancing braking performance.
  • Multi Switch: The DUALTRON ACHILLEUS NEW now features an updated waterproof multi switch on the left-hand side for the headlight, indicators, and horn.
  • Display: The ACHILLEUS 2024 introduces a new waterproof EY4 display compatible with the Minimotors App, providing advanced user interface and functionality.
  • Motor Control Switch: A new single/dual motor switch has been added on the right-hand side of the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS EY4 for easy mode switching, improving control and efficiency.
  • Steering Column Connection: The DUALTRON ACHILLEUS 2024's steering column connection has been updated with a 3-bolt system for enhanced safety and stability.
  • Headlight: A new 30W headlight on the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS NEW provides improved visibility for safer night riding.
  • Main Switch Function for Lights: The main switch function has been updated in the ACHILLEUS 2024 to control RGB lights exclusively, leaving the battery system unaffected.
  • RGB Lights: Updated RGB lights on the side covers, steering column, and sidearms of the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS EY4 offer synchronized, customizable illumination.
  • Kickstand: A new, stronger kickstand design specifically tailored for the scooter's weight ensures stability when parked.
  • Footrest: The updated footrest design features illumination, a tail light, and a brake light, all adorned with the Minimotors logo for the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS 2024.
  • Charging Ports: Enhanced safety and faster charging options are now available with insulated charging ports and new rubber covers on the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS NEW.
  • Handlebar: The handlebar has been lengthened by 10cm for improved handling and control on the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS EY4.
  • App Connectivity: New EY4 app connectivity features ownership registration, security PIN setup, and full scooter function control for an enhanced user experience with the ACHILLEUS 2024.
  • Silicone Deck: The fully rubberized silicone deck provides better grip and showcases a refined design on the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS NEW.
  • Side Covers Screw Position: Improved safety during servicing is achieved by changing the screw position to above the battery compartment on the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS 2024.
  • Battery Versions: Introduction of 60V 28AH China cells and 60V 35AH LG cells options cater to different user needs and preferences.

What's the Same

  • Suspension System: The adjustable standard cartridge suspension system remains unchanged, offering customizable riding comfort on the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS EY4.
  • Tyres: The use of durable, performance-oriented tubeless tires size 90/65 - 6.5 continues on the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS NEW.
  • Turn Signal System: The fully functioning front and rear turn signals, actuated by the left-hand side multi switch, remain a key safety feature on the ACHILLEUS 2024.

These comprehensive updates and upgrades significantly enhance the performance, safety, and user experience of the DUALTRON ACHILLEUS NEW 60V35AH, while maintaining the proven effectiveness of its suspension and tyre systems.

Dualtron Achilleus New EY3 Unboxing Video

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