Dualtron Togo 36V 7.8Ah

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Togo 36V 7.8Ah Specs

Max Power: 420 watts
Max Speed: 34 km/h
Max Range: 20 km
Max Load: 100 kg
Weight: 22.8 kg
Battery Voltage: 36V
Battery Amperage: 7.8 Ah
Battery Cell Type: CHINA 2600


Dualtron Togo 36V 7.8Ah 420 Watts

The Dualtron Togo is a versatile electric scooter developed by Minimotors, tailored for those seeking efficiency and performance. With its robust single hub motor delivering 420 watts, the Dualtron Togo boasts a top speed of 34 km/h, making it suitable for a variety of environments where quick and agile navigation is required.

Reliable Dualtron Square Wave Controller

A standout feature of the Dualtron Togo is its innovative Square Wave Controller, which maximizes the motor's efficiency. This feature ensures smooth operation from start to acceleration, contributing to a quiet and refined ride. It also plays a significant role in energy conservation, offering a range of up to 20 km on a full charge.

Turn Signals and IPX5 Waterproofing of External Wiring

Safety and visibility are integral to the design, with indicators and turn signals embedded for clear signaling of rider intentions, which is vital for maintaining safety. The IPX5 waterproofing rating is a testament to the scooter's resilience, safeguarding its essential components against moisture, thus enhancing its durability.

The Smallest Battery in a Dualtron

The battery is a significant highlight, with a capacity of 36V 7.8Ah, comprising China 21700 cells known for their dependability. The scooter supports a maximum load of 100 kg and weighs 22.8 kg, providing a good balance between structural integrity and manageability.

Variable Spring Suspension Front and Rear

Rider comfort is addressed with the front and rear spring suspension system, which ensures a smooth ride by absorbing impacts and vibrations. This, along with the 9-inch tires, contributes to a stable and comfortable experience.

Two-Touch Fold Down Design

The Dualtron Togo's practical features, like its foldable design, measuring 1160 x 600 x 400 mm when collapsed, add to the convenience, making it easy to stow away when not in use.

Improved Electrical Safety with Smart BMS with 6 Built-In Protections

Equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS), the scooter includes multiple safety mechanisms such as short circuit, overcurrent, overcharge, over-discharge, temperature, and undervoltage protections. This level of safety assurance is a clear indication of Minimotors' dedication to user security and product endurance.

Enter the World of Electric Technology with the Best Entry Level Dualtron

In essence, the Dualtron Togo 36V 7.8Ah from Minimotors is not just an electric scooter; it's a fusion of advanced engineering, safety, and practicality. It's designed for those who appreciate a seamless, efficient ride without compromising on the essentials of performance and comfort. Whether for personal leisure or as part of a daily routine, the Dualtron Togo is equipped to enhance the experience of personal mobility.

Minimotors Dualtron Togo Scooter Folded
Minimotors Dualtron Togo Scooter Front
Minimotors Dualtron Togo Scooter Side Left
Minimotors Dualtron Togo Scooter Lateral Photo

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