Dualtron Togo 36V 15Ah

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Togo 36V 15Ah Specs

Max Power: 420 watts
Max Speed: 34 km/h
Max Range: 40 km
Max Load: 100 kg
Weight: 23.7 kg
Battery Voltage: 36V
Battery Amperage: 15 Ah
Battery Cell Type: Samsung


The Dualtron Togo 36V 15Ah: Portability and Power

Discover the ultimate blend of power and portability with the Dualtron Togo 36V 15Ah. Driven by a robust single hub motor with 420 watts, it reaches a top speed of 34 km/h, perfect for those who demand swift and efficient transportation.

Extended Journey with Samsung Battery

Boasting an impressive 40 km range, thanks to the high-capacity 15Ah Samsung battery, this scooter is designed for longer trips without the frequent need for recharging. It stands out with its ability to support a maximum load of 100 kg, while maintaining a manageable weight of 23.7 kg, ensuring it's both strong and transportable.

Reliable and Smooth Operation

The dependable motor paired with a refined power system means riders can enjoy smooth acceleration and consistent performance. The high-quality Samsung cells ensure reliability and longevity, making it a smart investment for the regular commuter or the leisure rider.

Adaptable Suspension and Safe Riding

The adjustable suspension system provides a comfortable ride, adapting to various terrains and ensuring optimal shock absorption. Paired with reliable safety features, the Dualtron Togo guarantees a secure journey every time.

Smart Design for Everyday Use

This model's practicality is underscored by its smart fold-down design, enabling easy storage and convenience on the go. With its advanced Battery Management System, it ensures a safe riding experience, highlighting Minimotors' commitment to innovation and user safety.

Experience Enhanced Electric Mobility

The Dualtron Togo 36V 15Ah is more than just an electric scooter; it's an extension of your personal mobility. With its superior range, reliable Samsung battery, and thoughtful features, it's designed for those who seek the best in electric transport.

Minimotors Dualtron Togo Scooter Folded
Minimotors Dualtron Togo Scooter Front
Minimotors Dualtron Togo Scooter Side Left
Minimotors Dualtron Togo Scooter Lateral Photo

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