Scootera was founded in 2018 by a group of electric scooter enthusiasts who wanted to bring Dualtron brand to the UK to prove that electric scooters can be as fast, as powerful and as strong as cars, but much smaller and much affordable.

Scootera is the Official UK Distributor for Dualtron Scooters. Scootera represents the Korean manufacturer 'Minimotors' in the United Kigdom. 

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About Dualtron Brand

Minimotors started in 1999 mass-producing Electric Motors, and have become world-renowned for their consistent quality and success. Recently form 2010, Minimotors started making Electric Scooters and putting all that 20 years of experience in building the most efficient and rapid motors on the market. Soon they created a low-cost version scooter called Speedway Series which has reached Generation 5. Dualtron is known among 29.000 Escooter Enthusiasts around the world.

Below is the Minimotors Factory Statement to Customers: "We work for the happiness of all people related to our company."

Minimotors is a company which is developing a personal mobility solution, and we have steadily devoted ourselves to a single direction for 17 years since Minimotors started in 1999. We receive appreciation from over 100,000 customers' love and purchases. All of the employees at Minimotors try to make better products which successfully continue to exceed our customers' expectations.

Recently, there are many new companies since the electric mobility market is getting bigger and bigger. However, there aren't many companies that have accumulated skill and experience, especially with excellent service in mind.

Most of them disappear after getting a benefit within a short time of making scooters at low quality and price; therefore, it is becoming more challenging to change a customers' first impression about the electric mobility.

"Product can be duplicated, but history can't be."

To overcome the limitation of a company which just imports and distributes, Minimotors has established its Factory in China, that was initially in Korea, and completed the design and production of the world First All-Wheel Drive Electric Scooter Dualtron Ultra which was initially designed in Korea. Minimotors launched it in Korea and started to export it from 2015.

We will always try to develop the products that have the best quality in the world and distribute them at a reasonable price to make Minimotors a Global Enterprise. We promise to provide perfect customer service with a professional service network all over the world. We will only produce and introduce the products which make customers happy as well as with everyone who interacts with our company.