Scootera is an official UK distributor for Dualtron electric scooters, representing the Korean manufacturer Minimotors in the United Kingdom.

We are listed as a distributor on both the official Minimotors websites and have been in operation since 2018.

Our mission is to provide high-quality electric scooters and excellent customer service.

Contact us at +44 02039913392 or for more information.


About Minimotors and Dualtron

    Minimotors is a reputable company established in 1999, specializing in the mass-production of electric motors.

    In 2010, they expanded into the electric scooter market, utilizing their extensive experience in building efficient and high-performance motors. The company offers a low-cost scooter model, the Speedway Series, which has reached its fifth generation.

    The Dualtron, an all-wheel drive electric scooter, is well-known among the global e-scooter community.

    Minimotors is dedicated to providing personalized mobility solutions and exceptional customer service. They have set up a factory in China and strive to be a global enterprise with a professional service network worldwide. They are committed to continuously developing and distributing high-quality products at reasonable prices, and to ensuring the satisfaction of all customers and stakeholders.