Dualtron X2 UP 45Ah

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X2 UP 72V 45Ah Specs

Max Power: 8300 watts
Max Speed: 110 km/h
Max Range: 150 km
Max Load: 120 kg
Weight: 66 kg
Battery Voltage: 72V
Battery Amperage: 45 Ah
Battery Cell Type: LG-M50LT-21700


The Dualtron X2 UP 72V45AH is a high-performance electric scooter designed for long-distance and high-speed travel. It features a robust 45 Ah battery, utilizing LG-M50LT-21700 cells, ensuring reliable power delivery and long-lasting performance. The scooter operates at a battery voltage of 72V, offering impressive efficiency. It can support a maximum load of 120 kg, accommodating a wide range of users. Equipped with a dual hub motor, it boasts a substantial power output of 8300 watts, enabling it to tackle various terrains with ease. The scooter's range is noteworthy at 150 km, making it suitable for extended trips. Its top speed reaches an exhilarating 110 km/h, providing an exciting ride. Despite its powerful capabilities, the scooter maintains a manageable weight of 66 kg, balancing performance and portability.

Dualtron X2 UP Review Video (Czechia)

The Dualtron X 2 can go as fast as 110 km/h

The range of Dualtron X II is 150 km

The Dualtron X2 UP comes with a fast charger

The Dualtron X2 UP Electric Scooter comes with a steering damper

The Dualtron X 2 comes with a 7 inch wheel

The Dualtron X 2 Up comes with a 13 inch tire

The Dualtron X II comes with tubeless tire

The Dualtron X II UP charges with the included fast charger in 9 hours

The Dualtron X2 UP weighs 66 kg

The Dualtron X II UP has only the throttle which is water resistant

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