Dualtron Storm Limited New 45Ah

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Storm Limited New 84V 45Ah Specs

Max Power: 11000 watts
Max Speed: 100 km/h
Max Range: 130 km
Max Load: 100 kg
Weight: 50 kg
Battery Voltage: 84V
Battery Amperage: 45 Ah
Battery Cell Type: LG-M50LT-21700


Dualtron Storm Limited New 2024 Electric Scooter

Introduction to the Dualtron Storm Limited New Edition

The Dualtron Storm Limited New Edition is a groundbreaking update in the Minimotors lineup, setting a new standard in the electric scooter market with its state-of-the-art features and unparalleled power. This latest iteration not only continues the brand's legacy of excellence but introduces a series of enhancements that redefine performance and user experience for the Dualtron Storm Limited 2024 model.

Innovative Features of the Dualtron Storm Limited New

Advanced Folding System and Steering Column

The Dualtron Storm Limited Electric Scooter unveils an advanced third-generation folding system and steering column, marking a significant improvement in functionality and durability. This new mechanism boosts the scooter's portability and storage efficiency, showcasing Minimotors' dedication to user-centric innovation.

EY4 Throttle and Enhanced App Connectivity

A key highlight of the Dualtron Storm Limited New is the integration of the EY4 throttle, significantly boosting app connectivity. This feature allows riders to tap into detailed diagnostics, customize scooter settings, and enhance safety, offering a deeply personalized and integrated riding experience.

Power and Performance

Battery and Motor Specifications

The Dualtron Storm Limited Electric Scooter maintains a powerful 84-volt, 45-amp battery configuration, driving dual BLDC motor hubs with an astounding 11,500 watts. This formidable powertrain ensures the Dualtron Storm Limited New remains a dominant force in the electric scooter realm.

Speed and Range

Despite its impressive power, the scooter’s performance remains consistent, achieving speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour and a maximum range of 130 kilometers. This exceptional blend of speed and endurance positions the Dualtron Storm Limited 2024 as a prime choice for thrill-seekers and long-distance enthusiasts alike.

Design and Durability Enhancements

Kickstand and Charging Ports

The latest iteration features an improved kickstand and new insulated charging ports, elevating convenience and safety. These thoughtful upgrades underline Minimotors' commitment to seamless user experiences in the Storm Limited New.

Tubeless Tires and Racing Readiness

With tubeless, no-flat tires compatible with PMT Italy racing tires, the scooter is primed for performance. These racing-optimized tires highlight the Dualtron Storm Limited's versatility and high-performance potential.

Safety and Control Features

Enhanced Lighting System for Superior Visibility

The Dualtron Storm Limited EY4 boasts dual front-facing headlights and an extensive lighting system, emphasizing rider visibility and safety in low-light conditions.

Advanced Braking System and Suspension

Featuring a four-piston nut brake system and a customizable suspension, the scooter offers unmatched control and stability, enhancing both safety and ride comfort across various terrains.

User Experience and Convenience

Multi-Switch Functionality

The inclusion of a multi-switch for easy control of lights, horn, and turn signals reaffirms Minimotors' focus on convenience and ease of use in the Dualtron Storm Limited New model.

Silicone Deck Cover and Waterproofing

Transitioning to a silicone deck cover, this edition prioritizes durability and practicality. This waterproof cover not only preserves the scooter's aesthetic but also guards against water damage, ensuring lasting reliability.

Technical Innovations in the Dualtron Storm Limited New

Integrated Controller System

The Dualtron Storm Limited Electric Scooter features an innovative integrated controller system within the footrest, optimizing power delivery to each motor and showcasing Minimotors' forward-thinking design.

Customizable Suspension System

The novel suspension system of the Dualtron Storm Limited New allows riders to adjust firmness, ensuring a ride that’s tailored to personal preferences and riding conditions.

Security and Anti-Theft Features

EY4 Display and Hydraulic Brake System

Upgrades such as the EY4 display and hydraulic brake system enhance rider security and control, complemented by powerful integrated lights for effective signaling and braking.

App Registration and Anti-Theft Measures

With app registration required to unlock the scooter’s full capabilities and an anti-theft feature in development, Minimotors leads in protecting the rider’s investment and ensuring scooter longevity.


The Dualtron Storm Limited New Edition represents a significant leap forward in the electric scooter market, establishing new benchmarks for power, performance, and the rider experience. With its cutting-edge features, robust design, and advanced security measures, it embodies Minimotors' unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether used for daily rides, adventure, or sport, the Dualtron Storm Limited 2024 edition promises an unrivaled riding experience.

Video Review of the Dualtron Storm Limited New (UK)

Dualtron Storm Limited New EY4 Video (Video Only)

Dualtron Storm Limited Review New Features

The Dualtron Limited New can go as fast as 100 km/h

The range of Dualtron Storm Limited New is 130 km

The Dualtron Storm Limited 2024 New is not waterproof

The Dualtron Storm Limited 84V New comes with a fast charger

The Dualtron Storm Limited New Edition comes with a steering damper

The Dualtron Storm Limited New Electric Scooter comes with a 7 inch wheel

The Storm Limited New comes with a 11 inch tire No Flat

The Storm Limited Edition New comes with tubeless tire

The Dualtron Limited New charges with the included fast charger in 10 hours

The Dualtron Limited Edition New weighs 50 kg

The Dualtron Storm Limited New Electric Scooter has only the throttle which is water resistant

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