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We are the premier destination for Dualtron Scooters in the UK. Our collection showcases the finest in electric scooter engineering, the robust and best-selling Dualtron Electric Scooters. As an official Dualtron site in the UK, we offer an exclusive selection of the latest Dualtron models, each boasting a powerful dual or single motor setup , each and every one offering satisfying performance at every price point. We are always available for your questions.

We have probably been in touch with you many times before 15 days have passed and explained if there is any unforeseen delay. We take great pride every time we receive a new order from you. We will be proactive with you and presenting your options at every moment.

Yes, we are committed to send frequent manual updates every 24-48h about your order until a tracking number is provided.

Yes, we can deliver parts to any country. You will pay an additional import tax which can vary. Go to our Shipping Abroad page in our Main Menu.

We can't sell you directly a scooter if you're not in the UK. But we can recommend you the closest store to you that will sell you a Dualtron Scooter.

We deliver all our Dualtron Parts from our UK based warehouse.

Some items are in stock with immediate shipping and some parts are 7-15 days delivery.

When you place an order for parts with 7-15 days delivery, that amount of time is needed in total for your parts to arrive.

We deliver Dualtron Scooters to the UK only.

The 7-15 days transit time listed for scooters not in stock, is the time it takes for the scooter to reach us from the EU.

After we've received it and inspected it for quality, we deliver it to you.

There will be ample and frequent communication throughout this process so you can have peace of mind.

No. We bring scooters by road from France or Spain.

No. We bring parts by air from China which can take 2-4 days. Or we deliver directly from UK stock.

Yes there may be multiple sellers who claim to be Dualtron UK.

We are SCOOTERA LTD and our website is https://dualtron.uk

They can say that they are a Seller / Distributor / Official Store / Shop / Warehouse.

Check their validity only with the manufacturer at www.dual-tron.com

Normally we would like to allow such experience in a Dualtron Store and we had a Dualtron Showroom open for 2 years in Camden, London, however due to streamlining, we are only able to deliver scooters and parts at your address at the moment.

At Dualtron.uk, we’re not just about sales; we're committed to providing a complete Dualtron experience.

After each delivery there is a 7 days cooling off period during which we will assist you with setting up your scooter.

And these first few days are the most difficult, after which you get used to all the functions, the weight of the scooter, the riding style.

We know our customers well, even before they receive their scooter and are fully confident in your decision to order a Dualtron and we will support you and help you.

Every Dualtron scooter comes with a promise of quality and a full UK warranty.

We provide a 12-month warranty on the scooter and 9 months on the battery.

We offer 24/7 support, original spare parts, and direct manufacturer communication.

Benefit from our extensive experience selling Dualtron since 2018, with a history of satisfied customers in the UK.

Yes, we offer Klarna Buy Now Pay Later and Klarna Finance for products on our website for UK based customers.

Read our Klarna Finance page in the Main Menu.

Yes we are listed under SCOOTERA LTD company name.

We started SCOOTERA LTD in 2018 selling exclusively Dualtron Products from Minimotors Factory.

We are based in London, UK with no public street address other than the virtual office at Camden Gateway, 349 Royal College Street. We operate from a remote warehouse where we package and ship orders, do repairs, pre-sale scooter inspections.

Yes, there are many sellers who will claim to sell you a Dualtron Thunder 3 for 10% of the regular price and many customers fall in that trap every day and there is nothing we can do about it.

No. Everything is operational, parts are being delivered from manufacturer in China, scooters are being delivered from european suppliers on without delays. You can place your orders as usual.