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Minimotors is the manufacturer of Dualtron electric scooters. Minimotors is based in China and we import the scooters directly from Minimotors, from China. Minimotors has distributors in almost all countries, and we are the Distributor for the United Kingdom, we represent Minimotors in the UK.

Dualtron Ultra 2

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Dualtron Thunder

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Dualtron Compact

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Dualtron Mini 17Ah

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Dualtron Mini 13Ah

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Minimotors Repairs in London

Dualtron Servicing & Repairs

Bring your Dualtron Electric Scooter to be fixed by us with original Minimotors parts and knowledge. We are the First Official Minimotors Repair Centre approved by Minimotors. We sell the scooters directly from Minimotors and repair only the scooters sold through our store. Warranty repairs, Non-Warranty repairs, small and easy, difficult and long repairs are all accepted upon your confirmation of costs and length of time.

We currently don't repair Dualtron Electric Scooters bought somewhere else other than from Dualtron.uk -- Scootera LTD.

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