Rubber Deck for Dualtron Mini

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Upgrade your Dualtron Mini scooter with this Deck Cover or Full Rubber Foot Pad. Made of high-quality rubber material, this custom-made cover prevents slipping and adds a luxurious look to your scooter with the model and brand printed on it.

Unlike traditional grip tape, the rubber sheet is easy to clean and maintain, and it doesn't stain. The letters on the sheet are strongly embedded and won't fade over time, ensuring a long-lasting, high-quality finish.

Designed specifically for Dualtron Mini scooters, this rubber deck is a genuine Minimotors product that will make your scooter look new even after prolonged use. With adhesive on the back and screw holes, it's easy to apply and will provide a secure grip on your scooter's deck.


1x Rubber Deck


  • DUALTRON MINI 52V21Ah LG 3500 Dual brake model
  • DUALTRON MINI 52V17.5Ah LG 3500 Dual brake model
  • DUALTRON MINI 52V13Ah CN 2600 Dual brake model
  • DUALTRON MINI 52V19.2Ah LG 3200 Dual brake model
  • DUALTRON MINI 52V12.8Ah LG 3200 Dual brake model


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