Side Panel (Dualtron Victor Luxury)

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Plastic Cover or Plastic Side Panel is located on the left and right sides of the scooter deck platform. These side panels are housing the LED, Charging Port, Lights On/Off Switch, DC-DC Converter, Main Switch and all the wires that run through to those ports. The cover can be purchased alone(emply) or together with all the wires - choose the variant you need from the options provided before purchasing.

Compatible with:

  • Dualtron Victor Luxury


  • 1x Plastic Cover (either left or right emply or left or right assembled with all the wires - choose the variant you need before buying it)


  • The side panels may or may not include thePCB LIGHTSthat go under the side panels.
  • Choose the product you need from the variants available before purchasing this product. The variants available are: Left empty, Right Empty, Left assembled(with old charging ports), Left assembled(with new charging ports), Right Assembled. The Left side cover assembled comes in two versions simply because it includes the scooter charging ports(the ports where the charger is plugged in to charge the scooter), and because the manufacturer has used more than one type charging ports on Dualtron scooters, you need to check which charging ports your scooter is assembled with before closing the correct option.
  • The product pictures do not reflect the exact product for that model, we recommend you check teh product title, product description and product variant to make sure you buy the correct product. If still not sure, please chat with us online or contact us at

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