MOTOR CHECK WASHER 0 degree 12*14*9.9

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The MOTOR CHECK WASHER 0 degree 12*14*9.9 is an essential security washer utilized for fastening the motor axle to suspension arms and suspension forks in various Dualtron models. Typically positioned on the inside of the arm, and occasionally on both sides, depending on the model, this washer ensures a secure connection and stability. Before purchasing this product, it is crucial to compare the existing washer on your scooter, as washers with different dimensions are designed to accommodate various scooter models. The compatibility of this washer spans across Dualtron X2, Dualtron X2 UP, and Dualtron City models. With the package containing 1 washer, scooter owners can confidently enhance the motor-to-suspension connection with this reliable MOTOR CHECK WASHER.

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