52V Electric Motor for Dualtron Mini, Rear

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Upgrade your Dualtron Mini electric scooter with the powerful and high-performance 52V 1450W Motor, specially designed for the 13Ah and 17Ah versions. This comprehensive package includes the reliable Dualtron Mini Motor and a convenient Drum Brake, perfectly suited for the scooter's rear-wheel drive system. Experience smooth and exhilarating rides with the built-in system for effortless detachment of the rear drum brake, ensuring a seamless and efficient upgrade.

Unleash the true potential of your Dualtron Mini with this exceptional motor upgrade. The 52V 1450W Motor delivers enhanced power and acceleration, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through city streets or conquer challenging terrains with ease. Experience the thrill of increased speed and improved performance as you take your scooter to new heights.

The included Drum Brake is designed to perfectly complement the scooter's rear-wheel drive, ensuring reliable and responsive braking performance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your scooter's braking system is up to the task, providing you with complete control and safety during your rides.

Installation is made easy with the built-in system for detaching the rear drum brake. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional assistance, the upgrade process is hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of this exceptional package in no time.

Invest in quality and performance with this genuine Dualtron Mini Motor and Drum Brake upgrade. Elevate your scooter experience and embark on thrilling adventures with confidence. Upgrade your Dualtron Mini today and discover a new level of excitement and convenience on your electric scooter journey.

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