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The Folding Clamp Lever for Dualtron, referred to as the QR Folding Pin, offers compatibility with all Dualtron Models except for the Dualtron X and X2. Serving a crucial role within the scooter's folding system, this component is designed to secure and fasten the folding clamp (ring), ensuring the stability of the steering column while the scooter is in its unfolded, ride-ready position. Prior to each ride or unfolding of the scooter, it is imperative to ensure proper tightening of the pin(s). These pins are consumable components that may require replacement over time or after reaching a specific mileage; for detailed insights, kindly refer to the scooter user manual.


  • The QR Folding Pin is engineered for use across all models, excluding the Dualtron X and X2. Each package includes 1x Pin, with the clamp not included.

Important Note:

  • If you also require the folding clamp (sliding ring), please follow this link.

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