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Dualtron X
Dualtron X
Dualtron X
Dualtron X
Dualtron X
Dualtron X
Dualtron X
Dualtron X
Dualtron X

Dualtron X

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Dualtron X

Power 6720W MAX
Tires 13 Inch Tubeless
Brakes dual disc hydraulic
Speed 90 km/h
Range 140 km
Weight 43 kg
Climb 70% 35°
Load 120 kg
Battery 60V 49Ah LG 3500
Capacity 3 kW
Charging 8A 5.9 hr+
Motors 60V 3360W Dual
Suspension 19-step hydraulic
Body 6082-T6 Aluminium
Shaft SCM440 Steel
LED Column White
EYE Throttle YES
Handlebars Foldable
Folding Specific
  • safety built-in turn signals (front & rear)
  • safety built-in projector light (1x front white)
  • safety huge deck light (2x sides white)
  • safety built-in sound horn
  • safety motor battery separated
  • safety steering damper
  • anti-theft active motor lock
  • JET AIR fanless cooling guard
  • safety 19-step hydraulic suspension
  • extra safety 13-Inch Ultra Wide Tyres
  • built-in turn signals (2x front&rear yellow)
  • turn signals work as brake&hazard too
  • built-in projector light (1x front white)
  • built-in meeting light (6x front white)
  • built-in steering lights (2x sides white)
  • built-in Dualtron deck logo (2x sides white)
  • built-in brake light (2x rear red)
  • built-in under lights (4x under blue)
  • built-in sound horn
  • separate battery for motors
  • separate battery for everything else
  • 60V 49Ah LG Battery
  • 19-step hydraulic suspension
  • adjustable steering damper
  • cruise control
  • displays time, voltage, mileage
  • switch on/off ABS, electric brake
  • select speed limit, acceleration
  • selectable power-saving mode
  • fine-tune power delivery 1-100%
  • switch on/off motor lock
  • anti-theft active motor lock
  • locks rear wheel while switched off
  • fingerprint lock
Available for collection in London or Delivery 2-3 days across UK and 3-4 days across Europe

Minimotors Dualtron X Prices and Specifications

Experience it only with Dualtron X!

Experience the fantastic performance of the MAX 6720W Dual Motors! Amazing Capability On-Road and Off-Road are a dream for the rider in each of us.

Impossible is Nothing

The Dream of Electric Technology - Dualtron X

Dualtron X has a BLDC Dual Hub Motor with a peak power of 6720 Watts powered by a 60V 49Ah Samsung SDI Battery made in Korea which can keep the scooter running for a maximum mileage of 150 kilometres. Weight of the rider is recommended to be maximum 120KG. The scooter can climb hills with an incline of 70% or 35 degrees. Handling and Stability on the road is a Dream due to the Dual Front and Rear 19-Step Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension and the Motorcycle Steering Column Dampener that makes it easy to adjust the steering responsiveness on the fly. It has amazingly sensitive braking Electric Brake and a Hydraulic Brake with e-ABS. It comes with the latest EYE Throttle. It has 4 Blue lights underneath, Lit-Up Steering Column in White, 3 White Headlights, Turn Signals Built-In, Hazard Lights, Powerful 3000 Lumens Headlight for nighttime riding or at twilight. It has 13-Inch Ultra Wide Tubeless Tires.

19-Step Hydraulic Suspension

19 Steps Adjustable Hydraulic Suspension for Amazing MTB-Like Riding. Dualtron X comes with Dual 19-Stage adjustable hydraulic suspension. Use the knob to adjust the suspension on the go. Adjust the ground clearance by turning the suspension adjustment ring.

Clear Voltage Display

X's special features are the 3rd generation EYE Throttle and a Primary and Secondary Volt Meter on the dash and rear wheel lock! Primary & Secondary Battery Volt Meter for real time battery voltage check. The rear motor lock function is an anti-theft feature, made possible through a hidden PE Setting, which activates the rear wheel motor locking function when the scooter is left unattended so that you can feel protected and the scooter is immovable.

PE Anti-Theft (Rear Motor Lock)

The Anti-Theft feature on Dualtron X (PE Function) is not activated at the factory. To activate the function, just connect the wires. If you turn off the power after setting the PE function, the PE function activates itself and it's automatically canceled when the power is turned on again.

Cracks in the LED cover

Solvent cracks can be caused by direct sunlight or by varnishes, oils, waxes, used to service the Dualtron X. While maintaining it, care should always be taken to ensure that the varnish or alcohol, does not touch the LED cover. * Solvent cracks are minute cracks that occur when a solvent touches the surface of a molded resin product. Solvents include not only chemicals such as alcohol, but also oils, waxes and cosmetics that are often used in everyday life.

Dualtron X Options

Dualtron X Special Options for added Safety and Enjoyment : Custom adjustable hydraulic dampers, seats, carrier set, light mounts let you enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. Dualtron X comes with a Dualtron branded Light Mount that lets you add extra lights. Adjustable Hydraulic Damper for added safety that prevents wobble while driving. Adjustable Seat for Dualtron X for comfortable and safe long distance driving. Upper Light Mount helps you fit a phone holder and navigation. Rear Footrest helps you keep upright and steady and reduce the recoil from sudden braking and acceleration.