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Important ! Dualtron X2 is Available for Collection Only from our Dualtron London Store. Pay in-store only. The Dualtron X2 can’t be delivered, it must be collected, PAY in-store & COLLECT in-store.

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Dualtron X2 is an 8300
 Watts Dual Motor Monster Electric Scooter launched by Minimotors in 2020.

  • With a weight of about 66kg or 10 stone or 140lbs, Dualtron X2 has a range of 150km or 93 miles and a top speed of over 110km/h or 68 mph*.
  • Charging from 0 to 100% takes 8+ hrs.
  • Suitable for both Urban and Off-Road, it has a Variable Hydraulic Spring Suspension on 19 levels which can be adjusted on the go. The ground clearance is variable.
  • It can support the weight of the rider of up to 150kg or 23 stone or 330 lbs and it can climb a 70% inclination road or 35 degrees.
  • It has two batteries - one in the steering tube for charging your phone and the main LG or Samsung 72V 42Ah Battery,
  • The Steering Column Battery also called the Sub Battery is rated at LG or Samsung 12V 16Ah
  • 13.00x5.00-7 13Inch Tubeless Tyres
  • Dual Hydraulic Disc Brakes on both wheels with Hydraulic Line.
  • It has Foldable Handlebars and a Foldable Steering Column.
  • It comes with the EYE Throttle and is compatible with the Fingerprint Lock.
  • It has 5-levels of strength for the electric brake,
  • on/off for the built-in e-ABS anti-slip braking system.
  • Dualtron X2 has an additional Rear-Motor Locking Function which acts as an Active Magnetic Immobiliser while it's shut off.
  • It's got Built-In Sound Horn, Built-In Headlight, Built-In Turn Signals, Built-In meeting White Lights at the front, Built-In Rear Red Brake Lights, Built-In Amber Hazard Lights and a Steering Improver Called a Steering Damper.
  • Compatible with a Seat that is optional(doesn't come with the scooter) and is bespoke for Dualtron X.
  • It includes a Fast Charger in the box and a separate charger for charging the Internal Battery Inside the Steering Column 16AH Battery for charging your phone on the go.
  • Available with 12 Months Warranty from dualtron.uk - Official Minimotors Distributor in the United Kingdom. 
  • *range and top speed were tested before the launch date in average riding conditions with a 75 kg rider (11.8 stone or 165 lbs)

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  • 1 Year Warranty and Service (Minimotors Camden)
*for the duration of the ownership of the specific model bought.

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