Dualtron Popular Single Motor 20Ah

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Dualtron Popular Single Motor 20Ah Specs


Power: 1360 watts

Top Speed: 55 km/h

Range: 60 km

Weight: 30 kg

Max Load: 90 kg

Battery Voltage: 52V

Battery Ah: 20 Ah

Battery Cell Type: CHINA 2000

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Product Stage: In Production
Shipping Starts: July 2023


Dualtron Popular Single Motor 52V 20Ah CHINA 2000

Unleash Limitless Adventure with the Dualtron Popular Single Motor 20Ah!

Are you ready to take your rides to a whole new level of excitement? Brace yourself for the Dualtron Popular Single Motor 20Ah, the epitome of exhilaration and unmatched performance!

Beneath its sleek exterior lies a powerhouse—a SINGLE HUB MOTOR generating an impressive 1360 watts of pure energy. Feel the surge as you soar to a blazing top speed of 55 km/h, leaving others in awe of your speed demon prowess. This is your opportunity to command private roads with unrivaled velocity.

Embark on extraordinary journeys without limits, thanks to the extended range of 60 km. Discover new horizons, conquer uncharted territories, and savor the freedom of endless exploration. The Dualtron Popular Single Motor 20Ah empowers you to go the distance, leaving ordinary transportation far behind.

Designed for agile maneuverability, this marvel of engineering weighs a mere 30 kg, granting you unparalleled control. It's time to leave heavy, clunky transportation in the dust and embrace the liberating sensation of lightweight prowess. Effortlessly navigate through traffic, conquer sharp turns, and revel in the nimble grace of this masterfully crafted scooter.

No obstacle can dampen your spirit of adventure, thanks to the Dualtron Popular's IPX5 water resistance rating. Let the raindrops fall, confident in the knowledge that your scooter is built to conquer the elements. Mother Nature is no match for your determination and the resolute protection of your ride.

Elevate your riding experience with the remarkable EY2 Smart Dashboard. Seamlessly connect to the Dualtron App and unleash a world of customization and control right at your fingertips. With Bluetooth integration, your phone becomes a powerful command center, unlocking new possibilities and enhancing your journey like never before.

Illuminate the path ahead with the front-facing headlight, casting a beam of brilliance through the darkest nights. See and be seen, captivating attention as you glide through private roads. The Dualtron Popular ensures your safety while making a bold statement—a statement that you are a force to be reckoned with.

Experience uncompromising comfort with the dual suspension system, effortlessly absorbing every bump and imperfection in private roads. Your ride will become a symphony of smoothness, allowing you to revel in the pure pleasure of each adventure. Say goodbye to jarring vibrations and embrace a world of blissful serenity.

Unleash your stopping power with the dual brake system, ensuring precise control and unparalleled safety. React swiftly and decisively, knowing that your ride is equipped with exceptional stopping capability. Confidently navigate any situation, assured that you are always in command.

Simplicity and convenience define the Dualtron Popular. Effortlessly fold it in just 2 seconds, allowing you to stow it away in any car boot. Embrace the freedom of seamless transportation, always ready to embark on your next thrilling escapade.

The Dualtron Popular Single Motor 20Ah—where innovation meets reliability. With the battery conveniently removable from underneath, enjoy improved splash protection and the assurance of a long-lasting, high-performance ride.

While the Dual Motor version may boast two motors, the Single Motor 20Ah version focuses on precision and controlled power. As the newest addition to the prestigious Dualtron Models 2023 lineup, it stands as the most affordable Dual Motor scooter from Minimotors—an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.

Get ready to push boundaries, defy expectations, and embark on the ride of a lifetime. Elevate your adventures with the Dualtron Popular Single Motor 20Ah—where exhilaration knows no limits.


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Product First Available: May 13, 2023