LED PCB Controller for Dualtron

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The LED Controller serves as the mastermind behind the vibrant multi-colored LEDs adorning the sides and steering column of the Dualtron Mini. Boasting practical features, this controller includes two dedicated ports for connecting LED strips to both the steering column sides and the deck sides. It's important to note that this device doesn't incorporate a remote receptor within itself; rather, the remote receptor is situated on the right side of the Steering Column LED Strips, ensuring a user-friendly control experience. When it comes to compatibility, the LED Controller seamlessly integrates with an array of models, including the Dualtron Mini 13Ah and 17Ah versions, Dualtron Storm, Dualtron Storm Ltd, Dualtron Achilleus, Dualtron Thunder 2, and the mighty Dualtron X2, making it a versatile companion for a spectrum of scooters. Whether illuminating your ride or setting the mood, this LED Controller takes your Dualtron Mini experience to the next level.

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