Dualtron Compact 24 AH

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Dualtron Compact 30 AH Electric Scooter

Introducing the Dualtron Compact 24 AH Electric Scooter from Minimotors. This top-of-the-line electric scooter is designed for the ultimate riding experience. Dualtron Compact 24 AH will get you where you need to go in style, comfort, and speed.

Starting with the battery, this scooter is equipped with a 60V 24Ah CN 21700 Li-Ion battery pack that provides a range of 86 km on a single charge, with a fast charging time of just 2.9 hours. The battery is reliable and long-lasting, ensuring that you can ride for miles without worrying about running out of power.

The Dualtron Compact 24 AH is powered by a max 3400W BLDC Dual Hub Motor, capable of reaching top speeds of 70 km/h. This powerful motor is perfect for riders who demand speed and performance, and provides a smooth and stable ride, even on challenging terrain.

Folding is a breeze with the foldable handlebars and steering column. The compact design of the Dualtron Compact 24 AH makes it easy to store and transport, and it's perfect for riders who need to park in tight spaces.

The EY3 Throttle is the brain of the scooter, and it provides all the essential information you need to have a safe and enjoyable ride. The dashboard displays battery percentage, trip, ODO, time, speed, mode change, electronic brake adjust, ABS adjust, launch control, kickstart mode, miles/kilometres select, cruise control, auto power off function, and power saving adjust.

Lights are a crucial aspect of any electric scooter, and the Dualtron Compact 24 AH is equipped with dual LED lamps, dual front-facing headlights, a red tail light, and a red brake light. These lights will keep you visible and safe, no matter the time of day or weather conditions.

The scooter is equipped with front and rear drum brakes, an electronic brake, and ABS brake, ensuring that you have the stopping power you need to stay safe on the road. The 15-step adjustable rubber suspension, 3-step variable ground clearance, and 5 kinds of rubber cartridge replaceable design make the Dualtron Compact 24 AH the ultimate electric scooter for riders who demand the best.

The Dualtron Compact 24 AH has a weight of 32 kg, with a maximum supported weight of 120 kg, making it perfect for riders of all sizes. The scooter has a gradeability of around 47% - 25 degrees, meaning that you can conquer steep hills with ease.

In conclusion, the Dualtron Compact 24 AH is the perfect electric scooter for riders who demand performance, comfort, and style. With its advanced battery technology, powerful motors, folding design, and top-notch features, this electric scooter is guaranteed to provide you with an exceptional riding experience, every time you ride.

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Technical Specifications


  • Battery Specification: 60V 24Ah CN 21700
  • Battery Pack: CN 21700 Li-Ion Battery
  • Charging Time: 2.9 hours
  • Range: 86 km


  • Max 3400W BLDC Dual Hub Motor
  • Top Speed: 70 km

Folding System

  • Foldable Handlebars
  • Foldable Steering Column


  • EY3 Throttle: Battery Percentage, Trip, ODO, Time, Speed Display, Mode Change, Electronic Brake Adjust, ABS Adjust, Launch Control, Kickstart Mode, Miles/Kilometres Select, Cruise Control, Auto Power Off Function, Power Saving Adjust.


  • Dual LED Lamp
  • Dual Front Facing Headlights
  • Red Tail Light
  • Red Brake Light


  • Front and Rear Drum Brake
  • Electronic Brake
  • ABS Brake


  • Folded Size : 1060 x 608 x 480 MM (Length x Width x Height)
  • Unfolded Size : 1060 x 608 x 1190 MM (Length x Width x Height)


  • 15-Step Adjustable Rubber Suspension
  • 3-Step Variable Ground Clearance
  • 5 Kinds of Rubber Cartridge Replaceable Design
  • Standard Rubber is Soft + Medium Soft


  • Scooter Weight: 32 Kg
  • Max Supported Weight: 120 Kg


  • Around 47% - 25 Degrees Gradeability


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Manufacturer https://www.dual-tron.com/
Dispatched from SCOOTERA LTD
Product First Available: February 4, 2023

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