Metal Deck for Dualtron Thunder

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The Original Metal Deck is a crucial component specifically designed for the Dualtron Thunder scooter, serving as a protective battery compartment cover. Crafted with precision engineering and high-quality materials, this metal deck ensures the safety and longevity of your scooter's battery. It provides essential protection against dust and water ingress, safeguarding the sensitive battery components from external elements. Please note that the deck does not come with Grip Tape, and additional accessories like the rubber seal and screws are required for proper installation. The Dualtron Scooters feature a rubber seal that fits between the Deck and the deck cover, providing superior dust-proofing and splash-proofing capabilities. Before fitting the deck cover, it is important to add the rubber seal for enhanced protection. If you're replacing the old deck cover, ensure to use the same original screws to securely fasten the new deck cover in place. With its perfect fit and reliable performance, the Original Metal Deck ensures your Dualtron Thunder scooter remains in peak condition, delivering a smooth and exhilarating riding experience for years to come.

- Dualtron Thunder

- 1x metal deck

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