52V 2A Slow Charger for Dualtron, 58.1V Max, Baming Plug

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Introducing the 52V Standard Charger for Dualtron electric scooters - your reliable charging solution. With a max voltage of 58.1V and 2A amperage, this charger is tailored for Dualtron Mini models and features a BAMING charging socket type. To ensure compatibility, check your scooter's GX16 or BAMING socket type before ordering. The charger, operating on 220V input power with a UK wall plug, prioritizes safety. Charge in a dry, well-ventilated area away from heat sources, keeping a fire extinguisher nearby. Place it on non-combustible or metal surfaces to prevent overheating. Avoid heat-susceptible materials. Always use the charger designated for your Dualtron model to protect your battery and scooter components. Prioritize safety in wet conditions by clearing the charging port of debris or water droplets. Allow the battery to rest for 30-60 minutes between rides and charging to prevent overheating. Trust this 52V Standard Charger for Dualtron Mini to deliver a safe and efficient charging experience.

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