60V 1.75A Slow Charger for Dualtron X, 66.4V Max, 2 Pin

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Get the most out of your Dualtron X electric scooter with the specially designed 2-pin Charger, crafted exclusively for the Dualtron X Stem Battery. Safety is our priority, and this original Minimotors item features indicator lights for monitoring the charging process. A red light signifies active charging, while green indicates a fully charged battery. For safety, charge your scooter in a dry, well-ventilated area, away from heat sources and children, with a fire extinguisher nearby, though the risk is low. Be cautious of heat during charging; avoid placing the charger on the scooter deck to prevent potential damage to battery cells. Instead, use a non-combustible surface or aluminum material. Compatible with Dualtron X 60V model, ensure correct connection to the 2-pin charging socket, matching grooves for a secure fit. Package includes 1 charger and 1 charging cable, both authentic Minimotors items. Enhance your Dualtron experience today!

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