60V Dualtron Slow Charger, 66.4V, 1.75A, 2 Pin Plug, GX16

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Description: 2-pin Charger for Dualtron X Stem Battery. 

Function: This 2-pin charger is only compatible with Dualtron X small battery fitted in the stem. Here is what you'd like to know:

  • It's Fused
  • When the red light is on, it's charging; when the green light is on, it means it's charged.
  • Keep the scooter in a Dry, Well Ventilated Area while Charging
  • Keep away from heat sources and children
  • It is improbable that a fire will start while charging but always have a Fire Extinguisher nearby.
  • Original Minimotors Item
  • Never look at the Percentage Indicator for checking the remaining battery or the charge level, instead, look at the Voltage.
  • A number of users have reported that the charger gets hot while charging: Do not place the charger on top of the deck of the scooter! The radiating heat from the charger could damage the battery cells immediately underneath.
  • Place your charger ideally on a non-combustible surface
  • Place your charger on aluminium that can disperse the heat emitted by the charger.
  • Don't place your charger on carton material, textile, wood or carpet or plastic since it may overheat the immediate surroundings that it comes in contact with.


  • Dualtron X 60V model (only to be plugged into the 2-pin charging socket that charges the stem battery, not the main battery)

NoteBe careful when connecting this charger. Be careful you do not invert polarity meaning you connect the plug backwards. The plug has a special groove that matches the same groove in the charging socket from the scooter. Make sure to plug it the same way that you see the groove matching together.


Included: 1x charger, 1x charging cable

 Minimotors original item


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Manufacturer https://www.dual-tron.com/
Dispatched from SCOOTERA LTD
Product First Available: September 3, 2020

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