General Safety Guidelines

* Even if your Dualtron Scooter is within the warranty period, you may be liable for any accident caused by any of the following causes.

Unfortunately, electric scooters aren't designed to be used in the rain. If you do choose to use an e-scooter in wet conditions, you run the risk of water damage ‚Äď which could void your manufacturer warranty if something goes wrong with your e-scooter at a later date.

If parts of the body, like a finger or hair, get caught in the spinning or folding parts of the product, this may lead to severe injuries. Please be careful.

Stunts and jumps such as jumping and dropping are prohibited as they can cause a great impact on the product and can cause malfunction and accidents. 

Do not open or tune the electric parts (battery, controller or motor system).

Beginners who are not accustomed to using the product, seniors and others should avoid high-speed mode driving and recommend low-speed driving. In addition, please use after practice how to ride safely in a wide place.

This product is intended for one adult only, so children, infants, or two people are prohibited from boarding.

Unlicensed, driving after drinking, loading cargo on the scooter is prohibited. (More than bike or bicycle license is required) Please comply with the Road Traffic Act and related laws and regulations according to the place of use.

If there is a risk of overturning, sudden deceleration should be done safely. Do not apply any unusual behaviours or artificial forces, such as stopping with your feet.

Slow down at downhill. When reducing the speed, to prevent brake overheating, use the brakes properly to reduce the heat on the disk with proper brake use.

Acceptable gradeability is different for each product. Excessive hill roads exceeding the specification may cause damage to the product(parts) due to temperature cut, overcurrent or low voltage cut, which may cause the product to malfunction.

The Dualtron electric scooters have 3 ride modes ‚Äď Eco, Medium Normal on the EYE Throttle and 2 other ride modes - Eco/Turbo and Single/Dual on the Multi-Switch. If you are experiencing lower than normal performance, check which mode your scooter is in. When your e scooter is on, fully charged and in normal mode you should see 67,2 Volts on the EYE Throttle for the 60V models and 58,8 Volts for the 52V models. If the yellow Eco-Turbo button is depressed, you are in Eco mode. Press the Eco/Turbo button to switch into Turbo. Same goes for the Single/Dual. In means Dual - Out means Single.

If the product is lifted by holding only the handle, there is a possibility that the product may be damaged due to deformation of the folding part due to load or movement of the product. When lifting the product, be sure to hold the product's body (footrest) with one hand and hold the handle with the other hand so that you do not get hurt in your back or knees.

For the safety of passengers, be sure to wear a full-face helmet and the other protective gear(knee, elbow, hand, upper body) and do not wear shoes such as slippers, high hills that interfere with driving.

All the manuals will be in English. Depending on your scooter there may be other languages included.

Scootera currently does not offer repair or maintenance services, however, Scootera customers are covered by 1 year warranty which means free spare parts will be provided to the customers if they qualify. Scootera also offers free advice and guidance to its customers.

Safety Guidelines During Driving

Night driving should be avoided in any case, be sure to wear helmets and other guards (knees, elbows, hands, upper body, etc.) and drive safely.

Select the mode that suits you and drive. To cope with the sudden situation, exercise to slow down to hold the brake at all times.

To go backward, it is safe if you get off from the product after stopping before moving.

This product and components are not waterproof. Don’t let the water get into the product and components. *Never use it, if the road is wet due to the rain, snow, hailstone. *If you wash or spread water to electric devices, it can result in malfunction or fire. 

It is prohibited to use in a slippery place, a crowded place, a steep slope, roads with a risk of accident, uneven road.

When crossing a pedestrian crossing, get off from the product for pedestrian safety.

Do not drive in a threat any other means of transport, such as animals, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, etc.

If you pass the speed bumps and obstacles, be sure to slow down.

When decelerating or braking, do not stop with using the foot but stop with using brake appropriately.

Be careful that there is a risk of burns due to heat from motor and brake (especially disk rotor) after driving.

It is prohibited to drive by holding the handle with one hand.

Do not ride or drive when the kickstand is down.

Safety Guidelines While Unboxing Dualtron

Do not hold the handlebar only when lifting the product from the box. Please be careful that the fixing slide of the folding part may be damaged, and a safety accident such as a part of the body may be caught. Therefore, when lifting the product, it is necessary to raise the handlebar first, and then slowly lift the body (footrest) of the product with both hands and do not damage the folding part

The serial number can be used to check information such as date of purchase, warranty period and product information can be checked even if the product is lost or stolen. (May vary depending on branch office situation.)

Locate the instrument panel and tighten the fixing bolts. Adjust the position of the brake and tighten the fixing bolts with a 5mm hexagon wrench.

How to use the Folding System

Release the QR lever, raise the locking slide upwards, raise the handle post, then lower the locking slide downward.

Tighten the finishing screw properly to lock the QR lever so that the locking slide is firmly fixed in any direction, and check for looseness during use.

Loosen the QR lever, pull the locking slide inward and raise the handlebar, then close the QR lever and tighten the set screw.

Place the locking slide up to the safety line and lock it so that it is firmly fixed with the QR lever. Always check for looseness during use.

How to start Dualtron

When turning on the product, you can start driving by turning on the main power switch first (when using the built-in battery) and turning on the power of the LCD panel. When driving is finished, turn off the LCD panel and turn off the main power. * The power of the instrument panel will turn off automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. At this time, the LED lamp is also turned off, so turn it off with the LED lamp button when you turn it on again and turn off the main power switch after use.

Press the POWER button on the instrument panel for 2 seconds to turn on the instrument panel. You can set the start mode, cruise mode, electronic brake, and ABS function.

After tilting the kickstand, find a stable position on the footrest and then hold the handle grip comfortably. Be careful not to raise your foot on the rear fender.

Acceleration can be performed by using the throttle of the instrument panel while driving, and the deceleration or stop can be performed by holding the brakes on the handle.

Safety Guidelines Before Driving

Before driving, be sure to check the folding part, the handle part, the part where the main fixing part of the product is fastened well. And check the position of the fixing slide, the QR lever locking status and the folding part fixing status.

Regardless of whether the throttle is operated or not, the motor sensor may continue to operate, causing malfunctions such as sudden acceleration. In this case, holding the brake lever to cancel the operation. This phenomenon may be caused by corrosion of the throttling, immersion of the throttle, disconnection of the magnet, broken off levers, and breakage of the spring. Do not bounce the throttle lever strongly.

Currently, it is illegal to use an electric scooter on the public highway within the UK & Ireland, including cycle paths and pavements.

How to stop Dualtron

Be sure to use the rear brake first for decelerating when stopping while driving. For safe stop, it is necessary to practice slow down after deceleration with the rear brake. 

Always use the front and rear brake levers together to stop smoothly and safely after decelerating with the rear brake.

Eco/Turbo Button : Pressed ( Flickering or Eco Mode ); Not Pressed ( Off Emergency Light or Turbo Mode )

Single/Dual Button : Pressed ( Flickering or Eco Mode ); Not Pressed ( Off Emergency Light or Turbo Mode )

Single/Dual Button: Pressed (Front and Rear Two Wheel Driving); Not Pressed (Rear Wheel Driving)

Set the use and strength of the electronic brake among the detailed functions of the instrument panel before driving. When the brake lever works, the electronic brake works together to increase the braking force.

Safe Braking Guidelines

For safe braking, check whether the brake lever and disc calliper connection (wire damage, external breakage, etc.) are damaged before and after driving, and check brake wear and looseness of brake inner core(Inner wire). In the case of hydraulic brakes, it is also necessary to check the oil leakage or deficiency and always check that the braking force is sufficient.

Due to various factors such as road surface condition and speed, it may not be possible to stop when the brake is operated as expected. The electronic brake and ABS functions are auxiliary functions to further increase the braking force and used. The user should understand the function and expect the operation timing when using this function.

How to Fold Dualtron

After folding the handlebar, unscrew the QR lever outward and lay the steering tube down while raising the fixed slide

Use this text to answer questions in as much detail as possible for your customers.


Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes or roads in the UK. It is the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that you operate your e-scooter within all country and local laws. The customer assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of electric scooter products and holds Scootera Ltd and its owners free from any liability caused by their use.

CAUTION Cruise Control

In case of cruise function, please ride in a position where brake can be used immediately so that cruise function is cancelled and braking is possible in preparation for safety situation while driving. 

When switching from dual drive mode to single mode in cruise mode, it is not possible to cancel cruise mode by using the throttle and it is only possible to release by braking.

CAUTION Self-Diagnosis

The EYE Throttle has a self-diagnosis Function where it will display a symbol for a corresponding malfunction detected: System Error, Motor Error, Accelerator Error, Controller Error.

If the error information appears, immediately stop using the product and take the scooter to the service centre before use. Excessive use can result in damage to the product and safety accidents

LED Bar Functions

When the LED is turned on, the main power is turned on and the LED bar is lit when the throttle power is turned on. Make sure that the LED lamp button on the right side of the deck is turned on.

The LED remote control is infrared. Please use the remote control on the Dualtron logo part of the stem headset cover

How to use a charger correctly

Open the charging port cap and connect it to the connector of the charger and connect it to the household outlet.

(Red) Charging

(Green) Charging complete

Be sure to close the charging port cap when driving or storing except when charging.

When connecting the connector to the charging port, metallic sparks due to voltage difference may be splashed, but this is normal.

CAUTION regarding Chargers and Charging

Failure of the charger and abnormal conditions can cause electric shock and fire. Learn the correct usage and prevent safety accidents in advance.

Manufacturers and sellers are not responsible for any problems arising from any disassembly, modification, or mixing with other chargers.

The charger is not waterproof. It is thoroughly controlled to prevent moisture from entering the charger.

If the charger lamp does not light, charger fall, strong external shock, long time charge, or cable cover damage, discontinue use immediately and contact the service centre.

The charger is forbidden to be used in places subject to high humidity, heat, flammable materials, confined spaces, or where there is no ventilation such as in a car.

Children and pets should not be allowed to approach the charger when they come into contact with them, as they may cause an electric shock.

Unplug the charger when you are away from the home for long periods of time.

Use only genuine charger

Do not insert conductors into the charging port.

Do not touch the plug for about 10 seconds after unplugging the charger.

There is a risk of electric shock from instantaneous discharge.

Do not remove the terminal during charging. Charge the internal circuit of the charger and cause malfunction.

Do not operate the scooter during charging.

Charging terminals should be firmly contacted during charging and should not be used if terminals are corroded or damaged.

When disconnecting the charger from the product, it is safe to hold the terminal without holding the wire.

Be careful not to short-circuit the battery because short-circuiting of the battery is very dangerous.

The battery of this product is designed to automatically shut off the power supply to protect the battery when the over current is over 100A.

The battery of this product is designed to be automatically shut off when the voltage drops below 48V. Do not use the product in the low voltage state.

Safety Guidelines for Lithium Battery

Lithium batteries should be protected from direct exposure to children and pets.

A lithium battery is affected by external temperature. In winter, when the temperature is low, the performance of the battery is temporarily deteriorated and the mileage and power output is reduced. 

Lithium battery has a characteristic that discharge performance is reduced by more than 15% when charging and discharging (1 charge  + 1 discharge = 1 cycle) 300 times or more. If usage time is shortened due to long usage, it should be replaced with a genuine one through the nearest point.

The lithium battery should be used only with genuine battery and charger supplied from the manufacturer. Any problems caused by the use of battery made by the manufacturer, mixed-use, or using the charger are not covered by the manufacturer. 

Charging the lithium battery with a non-genuine charger may cause malfunction or fire.

The lithium battery should be charged in a well-ventilated, dry place and around the charger in a place where there is no inflammable material.

Lithium battery should be charged at 0 ~ 45 ‚ĄÉ and discharged within -10 ~ 60 ‚ĄÉ. Charging or discharging at a temperature outside this range may cause malfunction, fire or explosion.

In case of moving from the cold outside to warm indoor, please charge it after 1 ~ 2 hours. This is to prevent condensation from occurring inside the product due to temperature difference.

When storing for more than 3 months, charge the remaining battery level to 70 ~ 80% (do not store full charge).

The lithium battery should be discontinued immediately if it is damaged or leakage of battery, sour odour, appearance deformation and contact the place of purchase to get technical support and service.

Lithium battery pack has very high energy density, so if you charge the battery for a long time in case of short-circuit, leakage, bad battery, etc., there is a possibility of ignition. Therefore, you should avoid charging for a long time without a person, and charging must be done while the person is aware that the risk of unexpected fire can be avoided.

If overheat, smoke or ignition is detected in a product with lithium battery, immediately stop charging and use, move the product outdoors as soon as possible, and then use a fire extinguisher. Do not spray water or immerse the product in water, which is more dangerous.

If the lithium battery is short-circuited or the polarity is changed, or if the battery is impacted, malfunction or fire may result. If you think that the battery has been impacted, you should stop charging and using it and visit the nearest point for inspection.

There is a risk of fire or electric shock if the charger is connected while moisture is present.

Disconnect the battery from the main unit and prohibit recharging, reinstalling, or using other applications.

When disposing of the lithium battery, the battery should be separated from the product at the point of purchase or near the point so that the charge and discharge terminals are not short-circuited. Dispose of it as industrial waste when disposing of it.

Battery disassembly, modification and repair are not covered under warranty.

Safety Guidelines Before Driving

Operate the accelerator throttle lever about 2 ~ 3 times to check whether it returns to the home position.Be careful that excessive throttle leaning and manipulation of the throttle can cause malfunction due to internal parts damage.Check the fastening condition and clearance of the QR lever on the handle.

The brake braking force is sufficient to check the operating condition. If the braking force is significantly lowered, use it immediately after inspection and action. Check that the brake pad is not worn, that the cable is not loose, that the cable is not damaged, or that there is no leakage in the case of hydraulic brakes. If there is an unusual feeling or noise during operation, check for breakage, wear and deformation of the inner wire of the brake cable. Check that the bolts and nuts of the brake fixing parts are not loose, and that the disc is not deformed or damaged.

Check the front and rear tires for wear and punctures and check the proper air pressure (45 to 50 psi) for the tire. When the shortage of air is shortened, the possibility of puncture increases, so check always. It is necessary to judge the replacement time by observing the appearance of the tire such as tire damage, uneven wear.

Make sure that the bolts and nuts of all parts of the product are tight and free from loosening. Check the fastening condition and clearance of the folding and fixing parts of the handle (QR lever, fixed slide, hinge centre bolt, headset nut, swing arm, etc.)

If there is a folding clearance, it can be adjusted with a bolt. However, if you pull it outwards too much, it will become stiff without a gap, but it may sound 'crackling'. In this case, if you adjust the tune bolt properly, the noise disappears and the clearance is also adjusted.

* In these cases, stop driving immediately.

- Unusual heating of the motor

- Brake braking status error

- Error messages on the instrument cluster

- Abnormal noise is generated

- Product smoke, ignition, sour odor

- When rain or wet with water or in a similar situation

- When other driving is judged to be unreasonable


Electric products can be damaged by various factors. The life span of each part varies depending on driving habits and driving environment. Parts that exceed the service life may cause accidents. Let's manage various parts and prevent safety accidents in advance.

The rubber inside the rubber suspension is cured as the consumable parts are used, and the performance of the suspension is slightly reduced because of the reduced elasticity.

The components and suspension parts of the suspension swing arm, tires, tubes, wheels, bearings, headset bearings, discs, brake pads, cables and folding parts, various brackets and other consumable parts requiring periodic inspection and always check.







BATTERY 2YEARS / 20,000 Km

Other chassis components If the exterior is damaged or deformed

Replace parts that may be damaged by external driving environment, such as deformation of parts, cracks due to compression, and signs of exceeding fine gold or life expectancy.

If the product is exposed to strong sunlight for a long time, discolouration may occur.

In case of heavy driving such as normal jumps, slight impacts such as turning, collision, etc., when driving frequently or for a long time in a poor road condition or driving for thousands of kilometres or more, fatigue breakdown phenomena Please check and replace the parts replacement schedule for each product for safety.

Fatigue breakdown and maintenance parts may differ from the example conditions depending on the driving environment and the operating conditions. Also, check parts other than the replacement cycle (maintenance parts) at all times to check for any signs of abnormality.

CAUTION Metal Vibration


Tire replacement on a Dualtron

After removing the callipers, remove the motor using 18mm spanner and disassemble the wheel and motor fastening bolts.

Remove the air from the tires and press the tires off the wheel.

Replace the tires and complete the assembly of the tires in reverse order. Tighten the assembled tire to fit the body, then tighten the screws and bolts.

After completing the tire replacement, try a simple test run with the appropriate air pressure (45 to 50 psi).
When a puncture occurs, it is possible to use repair by using patch seal. Please use the tire while checking and checking continuously

Completely separable hub motor design. By designing the rim and hub motor to be completely separable it is possible to replace only the rim without replacing the entire motor when the rim breaks, thus improving the maintenance and maintenance of the product. (Patent pending)

Causes and countermeasures of disc brake noise

Variable rubber suspension system (patent pending) adjustment

Designed by MINI Motors, the world's largest 45-step adjustable (3x3x5) rubber suspension system allows you to adjust the suspension strength with motor shaft distance (3 steps), arm angle (3 steps), and rubber cartridge replacement (5 steps).

1. Remove the front fender with a 3mm hex wrench, loosen the 18mm (motor side), 19mm (swing arm side) nut, and then loosen the nut to remove the suspension arm.

2. Adjust the motor shaft distance, rubber cartridge replacement, and arm length to the desired suspension strength.

3. Align both suspension arms to the desired angle and reassemble using Loctite (screw lock).

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