How can I book a repair?

To book a repair simply click and fill out the

Inspection/Repair FORM

Due to the limited availability of our mechanic, we are stopping all repairs on non-customers' scooters for the next 60 days ( until March 20th ) . Exception make the warranty repairs on the scooters that we've sold, we are able to book those. Our customers are welcome to contact us by email. 


We can not accept your repair if you don’t make an appointment with us in advance and this can be done by completing the form. Our workshop address is:
Unit 12a, Wow Acton, Wendover Court, 
Western Avenue, W3 0TG, UK


We can collect the scooter from your address for an additional £15 if you live in London or anywhere in a radius of 20 miles away from our workshop. Also, there will be an additional £15 if you want your scooter returned to you once the service is complete, unless you collect the scooter from our workshop yourself. In addition to the collection fee and drop off fee, if you live inside a congestion charge zone (central London, Dartford  etc) or we have to go through the congestion zone to get to your address, we will charge you the congestion charge fee according to the tfl congestion charge pricing at the time of collection. 

If you choose to have your scooter collected from your address, please make sure you pay the collection fee of £15 in advance, no less than 2 hours before the collection time, otherwise, if we don't receive the payment in time, we will cancel the collection. Also, do not transfer the money unless we have confirmed to you by email that we are happy to come and collect the scooter from your address. 

To make the payment, please use our bank details below to wire safely:

Recipient Name: SCOOTERA LTD
Account: 45194160
Sort Code: 309626
Amount: £15
Reference: Your full name

What costs are involved?

There are two types of service that we currently offer:

    1. Inspection & Repair

This service includes both inspection & repair. We will inspect your scooter according to the inspection terms listed below and then we will communicate with you. If you are happy to go ahead with the repair, we will charge you for the labor cost and the labor price list is listed below. 

Additionally, if the scooter needs replacement parts, you will pay for each replacement part in addition to the labor cost, and the prices can be found on our website.

If your Dualtron needs a specific repair that is not included in the labor cost list below, the cost may vary depending on the type of work we handle, but we will let you know in advance the approx cost so you can decide and approve.

     2. Inspection only

There is a standard inspection fee of £50 unless you decide to go ahead with the repair. If you decide to go ahead with the repair, we will not charge you the inspection fee, instead, we will charge you for the labour cost + replacement parts, if needed, and the labour price list is listed on this page below. 

If you think your scooter has an issue, for instance, the lights do not work, we may accept to look at your scooter to try to identify the exact problem or the parts that need replacement. Please be aware that, sometimes, the issue can not be identified and this may be because of different reasons including the battery being faulty and we will not be able to give you a proper answer, you will have to check your scooter with other specialists who may be more capable of identifying the right issue.

A standard inspection only includes the following checks (anything else that is not included in this list, is not being checked and is not included in the inspection service unless we accept to look at the issue reported by yourself in advance):

  • front and rear brake pads check
  • front and rear brake calliper check
  • condition of the front and rear tyres
  • front and rear brake rotor check
  • throttle settings, so then we can advise if you are using the appropriate settings according to the user manual
  • suspension, front and rear check
  • check if the screws are well tightened or if any of the screws are coming loose
  • front and rear led lights check
  • folding system check
  • left and right brake levers check
  • test ride for about 10 min to see if the scooter behaves well while riding. 

Please be aware that this is only a visual inspection, the inspection check may not be accurate, we use our experience to understand whether any of the scooter parts need an urgent replacement or it's just advisory to replace in the near future. You have the right to inspect your scooter somewhere else and you may get different reports and opinions, so, please do not rely 100% on our inspection check. This inspection check is like a extra thing we do apart from the repair you need so we can make you aware of any other issues that your scooter may have but this is not an official check and it may not be accurate. 

We currently do not provide any paper evidence with the inspection report, but we can write to you or communicate to you verbally about any parts that need replacement or any repair or adjustment that is needed to be done on your scooter and the degree of urgency. 


How is the work carried out?

Please be aware that we have the right, without giving a reason, to reject your booking or any inspection or repair on your scooter even after we have confirmed your booking and even after you have already arrived at our address and we have seen your scooter but haven't started inspecting or repairing it. 

Before we start working on your scooter, we will inspect the scooter first and tell you which parts need replacement so you can know the total estimated cost for the replacement parts and for the labor. If you agree to go ahead with the repair, you will have to leave the scooter with us for as long as it's needed for the work to be completed. We will contact you as soon as the repair is complete to arrange the collection and to make the payment. Please be aware that after inspecting your scooter, we have the right to decide whether we want to repair your scooter or not, without providing a reason and regardless your decision. If we decide not go ahead with the repair, we will charge you only the inspection fee. 

Also, before bringing the scooter into our workshop, please make sure you remove the large accessories that may restrict us from carrying out the work properly, such as, bags, lights, signals, horns, mirrors, phone holder, carry handle etc. 

We only use original Minimotors Dualtron spare parts and we are always in touch with the Minimotors factory to make sure we do the repair according to the factory advice and guidance. 

If the replacement parts are not in stock at the time of repair, the repair time will be adjusted according to the spare parts availability. 

Repair can take between 2 (two) hours to 15 (fifteen) business days depending on the amount and level of work needed.
As an example, a change of one tyre and/or one tube usually takes about 2-3 hours to complete subject to spare parts availability. If there is more than one type of repair, for instance, change of tyre and controller replacement, it can take about between 4 hours to 24 hours subject to spare parts availability. 

We might consider urgent repair option for customers who are in urgent need of repair for an additional £50 on top of the standard repair fee and the repair time will depend on the level of work needed to complete the repair. Taking the same example as above, a change of tyre can take up to 1.5 hours for an urgent request rather than 3 hours for standard requests, subject to spare parts availability. If we can not complete the work in time, we will not charge you the extra £50 on top, we will only charge you the standard labour cost communicated in advance plus the cost for the replacement parts if applicable.

If we were to replace one or more parts on your scooter, we would not return the parts being replaced you unless you request to keep them before the scooter is handed over to you after the repair is complete. 

We can not guarantee we will do the work in time because there are situations when the scooter is old or hasn’t been used accordingly and some screws or parts are difficult to remove, this might delay the repair time and we will let you know if this is the case. 

We have safe standards in place to keep your scooter safe and we can only become liable if the scooter is stolen from our shop and you have to provide us with the purchase receipt and proof that it is your scooter before we can compensate you for the loss. We will not compensate you for the loss if you can not provide purchase receipt for the scooter and sufficient evidence to prove ownership of the scooter. We are not responsible for other scooter failures while in our shop. Example: battery degradation due to the time spent in repair; small scratches produced while carrying out the repair; extra mileage on the throttle or lower battery percentage due to scooter inspection and test drive; tyre wear out due to tyre testing before, after or during repair; dirt on the scooter due to work carried out or other similarities.


What happens after repair? 

After the work is done, we will create an invoice and contact you to make the payment. We accept, as a method of payment, cash or bank transfer. If you chose to make a bank transfer, please make sure you make the payment at least 30 minutes before receiving the scooter so we can be able to confirm the receipt of the payment. 

If you are not happy with the repair, we will inspect the scooter and if the problem has arisen because of the work carried out, we will do the repair of the failure free of charge. If the failure occurred is not linked to the work we’ve done, the customer will have to pay for the labour and replacement parts.

Be aware that you will have to collect the scooter from our shop within maximum 10 days since the work has been completed or since the day we have notified you about the work being completed. 

Please be aware that we do not offer any warranty on tyre and/or tube replacement. If you get another puncture after we replace the tyre(s) and/or the tube(s) for you, we will not fix the puncture for you free of cost, you will need to pay again for the parts and for the labor. 

We aim to provide the best customer service and we are continuously working on improving it. If you are not happy with something, please contact us by email, phone or chat provided on our website and we will try to make things better for you. 


***In regards to your personal information, please refer to our privacy policy and the rest of the legal policies stated on our website, they can be accessed here.


Currently we carry the following Dualtron Repairs at Scootera - Labor Price List

Dualtron Electric Scooter Repairs

  • Inspection only (see the checklist above) - £50 

The prices below include the labour cost only, the replacement parts are not included in the labor cost unless otherwise specified.

  • one tyre change - £25
  • folding system change £45 
  • handlebar swap £10 
  • both sides brake adjustment £10 
  • one side brake pads change £15
  • one disc change £20 
  • one motor change £20 
  • one suspension cartridge swap £20 
  • one brake sensor change £10
  • one brake lever change £10 
  • one brake cable change £10
  • multi switch change £10 
  • throttle change £15 
  • one steering column PCB Led change £10 
  • one steering column plastic led cover change £5 
  • one controller change £50 
  • dc converter change £20 
  • one brake led light £10 
  • one white led light £10 
  • one yellow light £10 
  • one plastic stem led cover £5 
  • stem led change £20 
  • one wheel rim change £10
  • waterproof pad £10 
  • one deck side cover £10 
  • deck lights switch £10 
  • throttle cable £10 
  • deck screws replacement £15 (screws included)
  • wheel screws replacement £5 (screws included)
  • main switch £25
  • charging port £25
  • one handlebar grip replace £5 


We also do Accessory Fitting

  • Fit Hydraulic Kit on mechanical brake scooter - £20 for front and £20 for rear, £40 for both, front and rear
  • Mechanical Brake kit replacement - £30 for both, front and rear
  • Fit Carry Handle £5
  • Fit Folding Bracket £5
  • Fit Steering Damper £10
  • Fit Led Holder £10
  • Fit Deck Washers £15
  • Fit cable wrap £5
  • Replace missing nut caps £5

***All Accessories purchased from us are fitted free of charge.


The following Dualtron Repairs, Installs and Upgrades are coming soon:

Dualtron Tyre Upgrades

  • Replace Original Tyres with PMT Tyres
  • Replace Mechanical Brakes with MAGURA Hydraulic or Nut Hydraulic.

Dualtron Electrical Upgrades

  • Install Thumb Throttle
  • Install Security GPS Tracker

***Please be aware that replacing the original components of the scooter with non-branded components, fitting accessories or making mechanical and/or electrical changes on your scooter, may void the warranty - check your seller's policy.