Refer anyone who wants to purchase a scooter and get £200 after they purchase from us or £250 Credit to spend on our website. .

Terms and conditions below:

1. You know someone who's interested to purchase and electric scooter and this person plans to purchase a Dualtron scooter from Scootera Ltd, you need to tell us before this person gets in touch with us and before this person makes the purchase, otherwise, the commission will not be paid.

2. This scheme is not available for other products, like spare parts or accessories, the scheme is only valid for electric scooter purchase. 

3. You can't refer yourself, you need someone to refer you to us. 

4. You need to already be our customer to be able to refer someone else. The great news is that you can refer anyone, this person could be our existing customer, but you will only receive commission for a single purchase that this person makes and this is the purchase this person will make after we have received your referral details.

5. You need to provide us with the exact name and surname that will be used to make the purchase. The same applies to email address, phone number and billing and delivery address.

6. The person you refer to us must be aware that is referred to us by yourself before you provide us with the referral details.

7. The referral scheme is only available for as long as this page is visible on the website, otherwise, the referral scheme will not apply even though to refer someone to us. You must make sure this page is still valid before making any referrals to us or you could ask us directly before providing us with referral details.