Dualtron Design

- The Pioneers and First Innovators of the Dual Motor Electric Scooter

- Custom Machined Parts
- Steering Shaft
- Alloy Wheels
- Integrated Lights

Complete Ownership of the Design and Manufacturing Environment

- Concept, Design, Prototyping
- Making of Parts In-House, With Own Milling and CNC Machines
- Testing of the Structural Components
- Testing of the Electrical Design through 3rd-Party Electrical Laboratories

Complete Ownership of the Design and Manufacturing of the Electrical Components
- In-House Making of Throttle
- In-House Making of Motors
- In-House Making of Controllers
- In-House Making of DC-DC Converters
- HIghest Quality Battery Packs from South Korean LG Battery Manufacturer.

- Safety Design

- Rider Safety
- Suspension
- Wide Tyres

- Night Riding Safety
- Integrated Horizontal Headlights and Brake Lights
- Integrated Vertical Steering Column Lights

- Body Stregth
- High Grade Steel and Aluminum Alloys
- No Welds and Joints - No Weakness in the Structure
- Body Construction considering minimizing torsion and high stress points in the structure

- Electrical Safety
- High Quality Battery Packs

With this, Minimotors factory cannot be compared with other Manufacturers, when there is complete control over the end product function, design and safety.