1. Introduction

The Dualtron X Limited Edition electric scooter is a shining example of Mini Motors' innovative prowess and technical expertise. This dual motor electric scooter is a marvel in the realm of electric scooters. With an 84-volt battery and a peak power of 13,440 Watts, the Dualtron X Limited commands a strong presence in the electric scooter market. While its impressive specifications might seem overwhelming, this article aims to simplify them and provide a thorough understanding of this exceptional scooter.

2. Design and Construction

The Dualtron X Limited is delivered in a foldable aluminum shipping frame, ensuring its protection during transit. The scooter is secured to the transport frame by a deck, using polypropylene strapping tapes. A box containing a charger, a set of keys, and other accessories is stored within the deck.

The first thing that grabs your attention is a large rubber deck. Compared to the preceding Dualtron X2 Up model, the deck and the wheelbase are extended, as are the external dimensions. The suspension appears unchanged at first glance. However, the Dualtron X Limited features different shock absorbers that prevent the suspension from bottoming out even under heavy riders weighing over 100 kilograms.

The braking system is a hydraulic, four-piston, disc from Nutt. The discs have a unique bolt pattern, similar to other Dualtron models. Disc size is 160 mm. Standard tires are from CST, dimensioned at 125/60-7 or 13 by 3 inches.

3. Lighting System

The engineers at Minimotors have revamped nearly all lighting fixtures! The most noticeable difference is the presence of three headlights instead of one! These are new headlights, similar to those seen on the Victor model. Each headlight has a power of 30 watts. The total power of the headlight as declared by the manufacturer is 100 watts. But 3 x 30 equals 90! Where are the remaining 10 watts? They are in the deck! Now, instead of a cluster of small lights, two round 5-watt DRL lights are prominently displayed at the front end of the deck! These also feature a glowing ring around them, which serves as an emergency signal and turn indicator.

4. On-Board Computer and App

At the top of the steering column, there is a charging socket with two standard USB ports for charging a smartphone or other devices. The ports are illuminated. The handlebar features a large color LCD display, by scooter standards, which shows all the necessary information for the rider. Viewing angles and brightness are excellent, and the brightness is adjustable.

There are only three buttons below the display. The Power button: a long press turns the scooter on or off, while short presses switch between the five speed modes. The Set button: short presses switch the display between current battery voltage in numbers or percentage values. A long press activates the eco mode, which can also be customized. The Mode button: short presses switch between displaying the clock or odometer readings. A long press enters the menu for changing the scooter's parameters.

Using the smartphone app for scooter settings and control is much more convenient. Not all smartphones (we tested on Android) can connect to the On-board computer via Bluetooth and pairing takes some time. However, once registered, you gain full access to the scooter's settings and control. The on-screen menu on a smartphone is much more informative, with more icons for direct quick access to main functions, and the speedometer in the app can optionally display the speed according to the OBS or GPS. And the difference between them can be as much as 7 km/h! It's important to note that the RGB backlight setting can only be adjusted through the app! Overall, we highly recommend using the app for all settings and controls. Plus, the USB charging ports on the scooter allow you to use your smartphone without worrying about battery life.

5. Motor, Battery, and Controllers

The Dualtron X Limited features more robust springs with a force of 950 pounds per inch, compared to 750 in the previous X line model. There are 19 adjustment steps remaining. The windings on the motor are neatly arranged. Nothing protrudes anywhere. The sides of the magnetic circuit are clean, free from rust or other defects, as are the magnets inside the rotor. The width of the stator magnetic circuits, as well as the width of the rotor magnets, aligns with the 80 mm declared by the manufacturers.

The battery of the Dualtron X Limited is enormous! The sticker displays the serial number of the battery, the characteristics, and composition of the 23S12P with a discharge current of 150 amperes. Controllers are 84 volts 70 amps. All without deception! We noticed that one of the walls of the controller, which touches the deck wall, is thicker compared to the other three. It is not smooth, but stepped. The thickness in the thin part is 5 mm, and in the thick part 7 mm. The overall height of the controller is 50 mm. The width is 78 mm and the length is 100 mm.

6. Performance and Ride

Despite its considerable size and weight, the Dualtron X Limited performs excellently both on narrow paths in yards, maintaining maneuverability, and on city highways. It easily overcomes curbs and traffic police of different profiles. The scooter rides smoothly at a human's pace, without trying to jerk and rush ahead. And, yes, the acceleration has become more potent than previous versions, but thanks to new controllers, their firmware, and on-board computer, there is no sudden jerk with tire slippage.

7. Conclusion

The Mini Motors Dualtron X Limited is a high-performance electric scooter designed for those seeking the ultimate riding experience. Its impressive range, top speed, and comfortable ride make it a standout choice. However, potential buyers should consider its significant weight and cost. Despite these factors, the Dualtron X Limited offers a thrilling ride and is worth every penny for those who demand the best.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of motor does the Dualtron X Limited have?
A: The Dualtron X Limited is equipped with a dual hub motor.

Q: What is the battery capacity of the Dualtron X Limited?
A: The Dualtron X Limited has a 60 Ah battery.

Q: What type of battery cell does the Dualtron X Limited use?
A: The Dualtron X Limited uses LG-M50LT-21700 battery cells.

Q: What is the battery voltage of the Dualtron X Limited?
A: The battery voltage of the Dualtron X Limited is 84V.

Q: What is the maximum load that the Dualtron X Limited can handle?
A: The Dualtron X Limited can handle a maximum load of 200 kg.

Q: What is the power output of the Dualtron X Limited?
A: The Dualtron X Limited has a power output of 13,000 watts.

Q: What is the range of the Dualtron X Limited?
A: The Dualtron X Limited has a range of up to 170 km.

Q: What is the top speed of the Dualtron X Limited?
A: The Dualtron X Limited can reach a top speed of 110 km/h.

Q: How much does the Dualtron X Limited weigh?
A: The Dualtron X Limited weighs 82.9 kg.

Q: How does the Dualtron X Limited compare to other electric scooters?
A: The Dualtron X Limited distinguishes itself with its unique blend of features, performance, and build quality. It carries a significant weight and cost, but its performance and range are unrivaled.

Q: What are the key features of the Dualtron X Limited?
A: The Dualtron X Limited comes with an ey4 display, a low-profile trigger throttle, and an app that allows you to control various settings. It also has a separate battery to power its five headlights.

Q: Is the Dualtron X Limited suitable for long-distance rides?
A: Yes, the Dualtron X Limited excels in long-distance rides. Its comfort and range outperform many other scooters, making it ideal for extended trips.

Q: How portable is the Dualtron X Limited?
A: The Dualtron X Limited is not designed for portability. It is the heaviest scooter we've reviewed and requires tools to fold.

Q: Is the Dualtron X Limited worth its cost?
A: Yes, for those seeking the ultimate riding experience, the Dualtron X Limited is worth every penny. Its impressive range, top speed, and comfortable ride make it a standout choice.