Innovative Enhancements and User Experience

The Storm Limited's latest model introduces significant upgrades while maintaining its strong presence in the Minimotors lineup. Notably, the scooter features a third-generation folding system and steering column, enhancing the user experience with improved functionality and durability. It also debuts the EY4 throttle, a major advancement in app connectivity. This allows riders to explore deeper diagnostics, customize scooter functions, and improve safety features effortlessly.

Performance and Power Consistency

Power-wise, the 2024 Storm Limited mirrors its predecessor, boasting an 84-volt, 45-amp battery setup. Performance specifications remain consistent with the Storm Limited 2022, offering riders the ability to harness a formidable 11,500 watts from its dual BLDC motor hubs. This power enables the scooter to reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour and deliver a maximum range of 130 kilometers. Weighing in at 50 kilograms, it is the heaviest full-size scooter in Minimotors' portfolio, aside from the larger X Series models.

Battery Excellence and Enhanced Safety

At the core of the scooter is an 84V 45Ah LG battery, utilizing high-performance LG-M50LT-21700 Lithium-Ion cells. This dedication to quality is evident in Minimotors' in-house assembly of these batteries and the manufacturing of the accompanying Battery Management System (BMS). The 2024 model introduces an improved kickstand and new insulated charging ports, increasing both convenience and safety. The scooter is equipped with tubeless, no-flat tires, compatible with PMT Italy racing tires, designed for racing rather than highway use.

Stability, Visibility, and Braking Enhancements

A standard steering damper ensures stability and smooth handling, mitigating road irregularities at high speeds. Visibility is prioritized with dual front-facing headlights and a motorcycle-like horn. The braking system is also a highlight, featuring a four-piston nut brake system, shared exclusively with the X Limited and Thunder 3 models, offering unparalleled stopping power.

Kickstand, Multi-Switch Functionality, and Lighting System

The new kickstand design supports the demands of heavier scooters, providing a robust and satisfying user experience. The multi-switch functionality enhances convenience, controlling various lighting options and safety features. The scooter's design emphasizes visibility, with a comprehensive lighting system ensuring the rider's prominence in all lighting conditions.

Deck Cover and Integrated Controller System

Transitioning to a silicone deck cover across new Dualtron models improves aesthetics and practical benefits, such as waterproofing and ease of maintenance. The integrated controller system within the footrest highlights an innovative approach, optimizing performance efficiency through strategic design and cooling mechanisms.

Suspension System and Braking Performance

A novel suspension system introduces customizable firmness levels, allowing for a tailored riding experience. The dual front and rear 4-piston caliper hydraulic disc braking system, complemented by electronic ABS, enhances safety and performance under various conditions.

Folding System, Steering Column, and Charging Options

The scooter's folding system and redesigned steering column improve usability and structural integrity. Dual charging ports offer flexibility in charging, catering to user convenience. The footrest design, featuring a paper-based grip tape, adds a unique touch, emphasizing the scooter's robust build and dynamic performance capabilities.

Security Features and User Interaction

The introduction of the new EY4 display, alongside advanced safety and visibility features, underscores the scooter's commitment to user safety. An easy-to-use multi-switch, PIN-required operation, and forthcoming anti-theft features elevate the scooter's security and user interaction to new heights.

Conclusion: A Fusion of Technology and Design

The Storm Limited New Edition scooter stands out for its blend of cutting-edge technology, robust design, and advanced security features. It exemplifies a top-tier choice for scooter enthusiasts seeking performance, durability, and peace of mind.

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