Meet the Dualtron Popular Dual Motor 52V 25 Ah, an electric scooter that skillfully combines high performance with everyday practicality. It's designed for those who seek an exhilarating ride without compromising on efficiency and ease of use.

Innovative Design and Specifications

The Dualtron Popular is not just another electric scooter; it's a marvel of modern engineering. Equipped with dual hub motors totaling 2700 watts, it can reach a top speed of 65 km/h and boasts a range of 70 km. The Dualtron Popular electric scooter is the epitome of blending power with agility.

Exceptional Performanc

Performance is at the heart of the Dualtron Popular. Whether you're taking on open roads or exploring new destinations, this scooter delivers an unmatched riding experience. Its top speed and range are perfect for those who desire both excitement and reliability in their travels.

User-Centric Experience:

The Dualtron Popular Dual Motor 25Ah is designed with the user in mind. Weighing just 32.5 kg, it's easy to handle, yet robust enough to support a maximum load of 90 kg. Its thoughtful design ensures a comfortable and enjoyable ride, no matter the distance.

Comparative Excellence

When compared to other models, like the Dualtron Pop vs Mini, the Dualtron Popular stands out for its superior balance of power and practicality. It's not just about the specifications; it's about how the scooter enhances every ride.


The Dualtron Popular Dual Motor 52V 25 Ah is the ideal electric scooter for those who value performance blended with everyday usability. Its combination of speed, power, and range, along with its user-friendly design, makes it a top choice for a wide range of riders.

Where to Buy

Step into the world of advanced electric scooters with the Dualtron Popular. Visit our product page to learn more and make this exceptional scooter yours.