NEW Dualtron Storm LTD 45 Ah

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NEW Dualtron Storm LTD 45 Ah Specs


Power: 11000 watts

Top Speed: 100 km/h

Range: 130 km

Weight: 50 kg

Max Load: 120 kg

Battery Voltage: 84V

Battery Ah: 45 Ah

Battery Cell Type: LG-M50LT-21700

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Product Stage: In Production
Shipping Starts: July 2023


NEW Dualtron Storm LTD 84V 45 Ah with LG-M50LT-21700 Cells

The Dualtron Storm and Storm LTD electric scooters have undergone several notable upgrades to enhance their performance and safety. Here are the details of these enhancements:

1. Enhanced Cooling System:
- The scooters feature a specially upgraded cooling system with a potted controller. This system effectively dissipates the heat generated during operation, allowing for optimal performance and longevity.

2. Upgraded Structure and Intelligent System:
- An ey4 display with an IPX7 waterproof rating is incorporated into the scooters. This waterproof feature ensures durability and protection against water damage.
- The folding handle of the scooters has been widened to 700 millimeters, providing riders with improved stability and control during their journey.
- The scooters now boast a square steering stem, which enhances stability and strength, leading to a more secure and reliable riding experience.

3. Significant Safety Enhancements:
- With an IPX5 waterproof rating, the scooters offer increased protection against water splashes and light rain, safeguarding the electrical components from potential damage.
- The scooters are equipped with a powerful lighting system that includes 30 Watts headlights. These headlights ensure excellent visibility in low-light conditions, promoting rider safety.
- To further enhance safety, the scooters come with a loud horn as a warning system. This feature allows riders to alert others and ensure a safer riding environment.
- The scooters boast a completely redesigned folding system that is robust and stable, guaranteeing secure folding and unfolding operations for convenient storage and transportation.

These upgrades in the Dualtron Storm and Storm LTD electric scooters offer riders an improved riding experience, enhanced safety features, and superior performance compared to previous models.


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    E-scooters are not to be used on public roads.

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Product First Available: May 14, 2023