Motor Bearing 6002 RZ for Dualtron

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The Bearing 6002RZ is designed to fit the wheel bearing of specific Dualtron models, including Dualtron Eagle, Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron Mini, and Dualtron X. Before purchasing this product, it is advisable to remove the original bearing and check the series to ensure compatibility. This order includes 1x Bearing 6002 RZ, which serves as a replacement for the wheel bearing on your Dualtron scooter. It is essential to verify the compatibility and series of the existing bearing to ensure a proper fit and optimal performance. By choosing the Bearing 6002RZ, you can be confident in its quality and suitability for your Dualtron scooter's wheel bearing requirements. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial for ensuring the longevity and smooth operation of the bearing.

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