Swing Arm for Dualtron 2nd Gen (improved)

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Introducing the Swing Arm exclusively designed for the Dualtron Storm (Standard Version) models produced after February 2022. If your scooter was manufactured before this date, please reach out to us to ensure the correct part for your specific model.

This component plays a pivotal role in the operation of your scooter by serving as the essential connection between the front wheel and the steering column. Replacing this part requires careful consideration due to its interaction with several delicate components, necessitating precise fitting, adjustment, and secure fastening. We strongly advise seeking assistance from a qualified professional during the installation process.

Compatibility with Previous Models
For those dealing with an older model made before February 2022, it's important to be aware that the Higher Hinge component has also undergone a recent redesign. As a result, some models may still incorporate the previous version of this part. If you're uncertain about which version your scooter requires, please don't hesitate to contact us for further guidance and support.

In simpler terms, if your scooter was manufactured prior to February 2022 and you require a swing arm, we recommend acquiring both the swing arm and the upgraded Higher Hinge component. Additionally, you'll need the new type of headset bearings and the new type of lock nuts (thin type). To simplify this process, we suggest considering the complete package options:

1. Upgraded Package with 2-Hole Steering Column
2. Upgraded Package with 3-Hole Steering Column (this option is suitable if your scooter currently has a 3-hole steering column and you require a replacement or intend to upgrade from a 2-hole to a 3-hole steering column folding system)

- Dualtron Storm
- Dualtron Thunder
- Dualtron Storm UP
- Dualtron Storm LTD
- Dualtron Achilleus
- Dualtron Thunder II
- Dualtron Victor
- Dualtron Victor Luxury

- 1x Swing Arm

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