Suspension Cartridge for Dualtron, White, Medium

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Compatible with the following Dualtron models manufactured before April 2022:

  • Dualtron Achilleus
  • Dualtron 3
  • Dualtron Thunder
  • Dualtron Compact
  • Dualtron Storm
  • Dualtron Storm UP
  • Dualtron Storm Limited
  • Dualtron Victor
  • Dualtron Victor Luxury
  • Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus

Available Colours:

  • Soft Green
  • Medium Soft Blue
  • Medium White
  • Medium Hard Red
  • Hard Black


  • up to 70kg Soft
  • 70kg - 85kg Medium-Soft
  • 85kg - 95kg Medium
  • 95kg - 105kg Medium-Hard
  • over 105kg Hard

The suspension cartridges are the same on the Front and Rear. They are swappable. For the rest of the models which don't have easily replaceable cartridges, you need to purchase the Suspension Rubber Rods for Dualtron and try to press them inside the existing cartridge.


The Dualtron models manufactured after April 2022 are equipped with a new design of cartridges, which are longer than the standard ones.

We recommend comparing the product picture with your Dualtron existing cartridges before ordering. If your scooter is manufactured after April 2022 and comes with the newly designed cartridges, these cartridges will not be compatible with your scooter. Contact us and we will try to supply you with the ones you need.

Included: 1x suspension cartridge

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