Bracket for Dualtron X, Sub Battery

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The Sub Battery Bracket for the inside of the steering tube is a crucial component designed specifically for the Dualtron X electric scooter. This bracket is carefully engineered to securely hold and position the sub battery within the steering tube of the scooter.

The steering tube houses various components, and the sub battery plays a critical role in providing power to the scooter's electrical system. The sub battery bracket ensures that the sub battery remains firmly in place, preventing any movement or rattling during rides.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this bracket is built to withstand the demands of electric scooter usage. Its robust construction ensures that the sub battery is held securely, even during bumpy rides or off-road adventures.

Installing the sub battery bracket is a straightforward process, and it fits perfectly inside the steering tube of the Dualtron X electric scooter. Properly securing the sub battery is essential to ensure its functionality and maintain the scooter's overall performance.

When upgrading or maintaining your Dualtron X electric scooter, don't overlook the importance of the sub battery bracket. It provides the necessary support and stability for the sub battery, contributing to the scooter's smooth operation and reliability.

For Dualtron X owners, this original sub battery bracket is an essential component to keep the sub battery in place and optimize the scooter's power delivery. Trust in the quality and compatibility of this original item from Minimotors to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of your Dualtron X electric scooter.

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