Speedway 5 23AH Dual Motor

MinimotorsSKU: D1013

version: 60V 23.6Ah DUAL
colour: black
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May 2020 Update : We currently have a shipment of Dualtron Scooters due to arrive in the UK at end of May 2020, with scooters still available to be reserved with - click to see the Dualtron Models arriving end of May.

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Powerful but poor quality !

There is stuff I love and stuff I hate. The Good stuff: - Scootera retailer is Great, professional and fast with support and help. - The Speedway 5 has more power than you will need - Functionality is great, such as extra lights, mood lights, break-lights, turn-lights, electric power brake, foldable and almost portable. - Awesome to drive and you will make any VOI-user envious. - It has shortened my commuting with half the time it took on a regular scooter and is even faster than using my Car to/from work. The bad stuff: - WATER: It does NOT tolerate water or moisture (it also says so in the Manual….I thought it meant due to slippery surface, but NO it WILL BREAK). After first trip on wet surface, the speaker in headlight started to make noises indicating circuit shortage, which emanated from the main circuit board due to cables from lamp transferring moisture into the main board. I had to seal the cables shut with silicone to get rid of the issues. - The electric power-brake worked fine until the third ride, when it suddenly started to intermittently stop working and finally stopped completely. I guess circuitry issues as well. - Break-Lights started to glitch after 10 rides and now does not react at all to either front or rear break-handles and hence does not provide any warning to commuters coming up from behind. - Bolts and nuts started to rust from day one (I live in Sweden with high moisture). - Brakes needs to be tightened and cleaned after every other trip to avoid unexpected accidents. - The three bolts that hold the front wheel to the steering column was most likely badly tightened from the factory since the front suddenly started to get very loose after only three rides. I had to disassemble it all and tighten up all bolts to make it safe to ride again. - The splasher-fenders are to narrow and short, especially in the front where water and dirt spirts out in a high arc which then hits your legs and clothes due when driving faster than 18mph. In very wet weather, you will even get dirt on your back due to narrow back fender. I had to build extensions for the fenders with some formative acrylic plastic which is nice to look at but breaks a bit to easily. - The Tire-dimensions are somewhat odd and I failed on trying to find replacement tires with off-road-grip. The factory tires are very slippery if the road is not totally dry. - The option of having one or two-wheel drive is great, however the one-wheel drive uses the back tire which makes the driving experience much worse that if it had been front-wheel drive. The front wheel now tends to go in its own direction making it somewhat wobbly and scary to handle in high-speeds. The two-wheel drive is even worse and it feels like they are somewhat out of sync (I guess they aren’t aware of each other) making the Scooter behave like a snake if you don´t keep the wheels perfectly in line. When NOT using the throttle, the scooter handles MUCH better and is really stable. - The weight is also an issue where the centre point of gravity on a lighter scooter will be your body, making it very easy to balance with your body-weight. This scootet so heavy that the scooter itself tries to balance you and hence tries to throw you off if you are not familiar with riding it. I still feel very uncomfortable driving at maximum speed and I have already crashed three times. I Guess there is a reason the reviewers all wear helmets and pads on all limbs while using it. - There is limited or no spare parts to be found, compared to the vast supply there is for other brands, especially Xiaomi.The Dualtron has more spare-parts. Even Scootera had issues with delivering my spare charger since the fast-charger especially for Speedway 5 seems to have been taken out of production. Fortunately the Dualtron charger works great, except that you need to flip the power-switch on and off one or two times to get it to recognize the Speedway and start charging. - The buttons for Single/Dual-drive and Eco/Turbo-drive is mixed up, where they put them in reverse order. I.e. on the “ECO/TURBO”- button, the Pressed position is “ECO” but in the “SINGLE/DUAL” Position the Pressed position is “DUAL”. I would have preferred that BOTH Buttons Pressed is the fastest mode and both Not Pressed is the slowest. I will probably rewire this to make it logical. - The front-light could have been somewhat brighter and I would have had it replaced if it wasn´t for the built-in horn. I will probably just add a separate Cree-light or try to find a cree-diode to replace the custom led-diode with. - The rubber handles are quite loose and needs to be glued or tightened with some tape in the handlebar, otherwise it will twist and turn like the gas-throttle on a motorcycle. - The throttle is also a big pain when using gloves (yes it gets cold in Sweden) and tend to get stuck in the break-handle below. This has caused at least two incidents where I was not able to quickly enough move my finger out and on to the break a

Jonas N.


My sp5 was the best buy for me this year.. straight out of the box its does 40mph. the wait was longer than they said. but it was well worth it to be honest. MY ONLY DISAPPOINTMENT IS THAT THE PARTS SECTION WAS AMAZING THIS WAS THE MAIN REASON WHY I BROUGHT THE SP5. THE SITE NO LONGER HAVE SP5 PARTS WHICH IS VERY DISAPPOINTING AS I WANTED A SEAT AND CAN NO LONGER ORDER ONE:thumbsdown::skin-tone-4: