Rear Body Frame Mount for Dualtron Ultra 2

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Introducing the Rear Body Frame Mount for Dualtron Ultra 2, a crucial component designed to securely attach the rear suspension system to the electric scooter's frame. This rear mount lower is specifically engineered for the Dualtron Ultra 2 model, ensuring a precise fit and reliable performance.

The Rear Mount Lower plays a vital role in supporting the rear suspension system of the Dualtron Ultra 2. It provides stability and strength, ensuring smooth and controlled suspension movement to absorb shocks and vibrations during rides. This enhances the overall comfort and handling of the electric scooter, providing a more enjoyable riding experience.

- Dualtron Ultra 2

This genuine Minimotors part is a direct replacement for the original rear mount lower on the Dualtron Ultra 2. It is crafted with high-quality materials and precision manufacturing to meet the demanding requirements of electric scooter enthusiasts.

Upgrade your Dualtron Ultra 2 with this authentic Rear Mount Lower to maintain the scooter's peak performance and ride quality. Enjoy improved suspension performance and ride confidently knowing that your scooter is equipped with a reliable and durable rear mount lower designed specifically for the Dualtron Ultra 2.

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