60V 10A DC-DC Converter Switch for Dualtron X

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Enhance your Dualtron X or Dualtron XII electric scooter with the LED Switch 60V 10A - an ideal component designed to perfectly fit and function with these scooter models. Engineered to handle 60V voltage and 10A current, this switch caters to the power requirements of your scooter. Easily control the LED lights on your Dualtron X or Dualtron XII scooter, ensuring improved visibility and aesthetics during your rides. With its reliable and user-friendly design, you can effortlessly turn the lights on or off. Verify compatibility with your scooter model before purchasing the LED Switch, which is also suitable for the Dualtron XII-UP model. Upgrade your ride today and enjoy the convenience and style this switch brings to your Dualtron electric scooter.

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