LED Switch for Dualtron X - 12V 3A

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The 12V 3A DC-DC Converter Switch is a versatile and essential accessory for the Dualtron X electric scooter. This converter is specially designed to optimize the power supply capabilities of your scooter, efficiently converting the electrical current from the scooter's battery into a stable 12V output. With this upgraded power supply, you can easily connect and power various accessories and devices, adding convenience and functionality to your rides.

The converter switch boasts a high output capacity of 3A, ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply even during demanding rides or when multiple accessories are in use. Whether you want to power additional lighting, a phone charger, or any other compatible device, this DC-DC converter switch has you covered.

Installing this converter switch on your Dualtron X is a simple process, and it provides an immediate boost in performance and versatility. With ample power at your disposal, you can confidently ride with various accessories and enjoy the added functionality they bring to your electric scooter.

Experience an enhanced riding experience with the 12V 3A DC-DC Converter Switch for Dualtron X. Stay connected, power your devices, and ride with confidence knowing that your scooter's power supply is up to the task. Upgrade your Dualtron X with this reliable and powerful converter switch and unlock a new level of performance and convenience for your electric scooter adventures.

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