Dualtron Eagle

Dualtron Eagle

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Dualtron 3 + Dualtron 2 + Dualtron Spider Into One New Beast Called Dualtron Eagle

Dualtron Eagle is using the Upgraded 3600W High-Speed Motor Core from Dualtron 3 powered by an LG Battery at 60V 22.4Ah.

The difference is that Dualtron 3 uses Tubeless Tyre and Dualtron Eagle uses 10x2.5 Tubed Tyre making for slight differences in suspension and stability.

Changing a Tyre requires exactly zero effort on the Dualtron Eagle since it's got the Patented 3-Part Easy Wheel System from Minimotors. This makes for a painless and quick tyre change and it makes using levers and tyre machines a thing of the past.

Foldable Handlebars as on Dualtron 3 and Mood LED System on the Steering Column are present as well in this version of Dualtron Eagle.

Dualtron Eagle shares the standard suspension system found in Dualtron Spider, Raptor, Ultra and Dualtron 2 with three kinds of Rubber Softness. Just select the desired suspension softness right before buying, right here in the product options.

Dualtron Eagle weighs in at under 30 Kg, it has the Dual LED Headlights, Rear Red Light and Rear Red Brakelight. Brakes are Standard Mechanical, with e-ABS available.

Range 50 miles 80 km
Speed 15 mph 25 km/h
Climb 25° 60%
Power 3600 w 4.8 hp
Weight 66 lb 30 kg
Load 264 lb 120 kg
Battery 22.4 Ah LG3500
Tires 10 Inch Tubed
Brake Mech e-ABS
Charge 3.4 hr Fast
Default P Factory Settings for Dualtron for each Model :
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron X
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Thunder
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Ultra
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron 3
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Spider
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Compact
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Raptor
dualtron uk factory p settings Speedway 5
dualtron uk factory p settings Speedway 4

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