66.4 60V Fast Charger for Dualtron

Fast Charger 6.5A for Dualtron

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  • Fast Charger 6.5A charges your scooter three times Faster than the Standard Charger 1.75A
  • You can use both the Standard and the Fast Charger simultaneously to charge a Dualtron resulting in an 8.25A Charging Current.
  • Charger compatible with all 60V Dualtron Models
  • The charger is fit for both the EU and the UK Voltage
  • It's Fused, and it has an On/Off Switch
  • When the red light is on, it's charging; when the green light is on, it means its charged.
  • Keep the scooter in a Dry, Well Ventilated Area while Charging
  • Keep away from heat source and children
  • It is improbable that a fire will start while charging but always have a Fire Extinguisher nearby.
  • There is an integrated Colling Fan that will start when the charging process starts, although it's not necessary. It may still be charging after the fan shuts off, since it may have a low temperature enough not to need cooling.
  • In case the fan turns off, it may still be charging, so don't unplug it yet until the light turns green.
  • Never look at the Percentage Indicator for checking the remaining battery or the charge level, instead, look at the Voltage.
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