Rear Plastic Bumper Dualtron 3

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Style: Dualtron Thunder
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The front bumper is a vital protective accessory designed to shield your Dualtron scooter's battery compartment from front-facing scrapes, potential damage caused by obstacles, small rocks, and debris during your rides. With three versions available, this front bumper ensures compatibility with specific Dualtron models, offering reliable protection tailored to each scooter's design.

Version 1 is compatible with Dualtron 3, Dualtron Victor, Dualtron Achilleus, and Dualtron Victor Luxury. Version 2 suits Dualtron Thunder and Dualtron Thunder 2, while Version 3 is designed for Dualtron Eagle. To ensure proper compatibility with your Dualtron model, we recommend contacting us before placing your order.

By investing in this front bumper, you can ride with added peace of mind, knowing that your Dualtron scooter is shielded from potential impacts and damage to the battery compartment. However, please remember to adhere to all country and local laws when using your electric scooter. In the UK, electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths, cycle lanes, or roads, and it is the customer's responsibility to operate the scooter safely and legally. By purchasing and using electric scooter products, the customer assumes all liability and risk associated with their use. Trust Scootera Ltd for high-quality protective accessories and enjoy your Dualtron scooter with enhanced safety and confidence.

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