Dualtron Ultra 2 UPGRADE 40 Ah

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Dualtron Ultra 2 UPGRADE 40 Ah Specs


Power: 6640 watts

Top Speed: 96 km/h

Range: 120 km

Weight: 45 kg

Max Load: 150 kg

Battery Voltage: 72V

Battery Ah: 40 Ah

Battery Cell Type: LG-M50LT-21700

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ntroducing the 2023 edition of the celebrated Dualtron Ultra 2 - an electric scooter that comes with an array of upgraded features aimed at enhancing your ride's performance and safety. These improvements not only ensure ease of control and a more enjoyable ride but also take away stress from your urban commute.

The scooter features an upgraded EY4 Throttle system that now comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, supporting the Minimotors App. The smart, wide EY4 display offers key ride parameters such as speed, ABS, PAS, time, controller temperature, distance, remaining battery, and lock information - ensuring you're always informed on the go.

The sound and lighting systems have seen significant improvements, with a new multi-switch introduced that includes a status light indicator for the electronic horn, turn signal indicators, and a potent 30W headlight. This enhancement heightens your presence, improving safety and visibility.

The handlebars have been extended from 600mm to 685mm to reduce arm strain and combat fatigue. The upgraded folding system includes a wider contact surface folding clamp and an extended range of motion for the upper and lower hinge, enhancing ride stability and rectifying issues related to steering movement.

Boasting a 72V 32Ah battery with CN 21700 Cells, the Dualtron Ultra 2 has a net weight of 45.8 kg. The scooter comes with a 1800W nominal power, a maximum power of 3300W, a controller of 72V 40A x2, a maximum speed of 96 km/h, and a range of 100 km. Additionally, the scooter is fitted with hydraulic and electric brakes, 6.5-inch split rim wheels with inner tubes, 11-inch off-road tyres, and front and rear suspension.

Safety hasn't been compromised with built-in sound horn, headlight, multi-switch with headlight/indicators/horn, and turn signals front and rear. Other features include yellow indicators on the side panels, improved folding system with a newly designed lower hinge, upper hinge, and folding clamp.

These upgrades, combined with the built-in EY4 Throttle Smart LCD Display's Bluetooth connectivity, set the 2023 Dualtron Ultra 2 apart as a scooter that provides not just a secure but also an enjoyable riding experience.


Product Origin

Dispatched from SCOOTERA LTD


Product First Available: May 14, 2023


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