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The Dualtron Ultra 2 (2023) is the latest version of the popular electric scooter, offering a range of new upgrades and features to enhance its performance and safety. These upgrades have been designed to make the scooter easier to control and ride, providing a more enjoyable and stress-free experience.

One of the key upgrades is the EY4 Throttle system, which now includes Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone and support for the Minimotors App. The EY4 display is smart, wide, and provides speed, ABS, PAS, time, controller temperature, distance, remaining battery, and lock information, ensuring riders always have the most important information at their fingertips.

The sound and lighting systems have also been improved, with the addition of a new multi-switch with a status light indicator for the electronic horn, turn signal indicators, and 30W headlight. This makes it easier for riders to communicate their presence on the road, increasing their safety and visibility.

The handlebars have been widened from 600mm to 685mm, reducing the burden on the arms and relieving fatigue. The folding system has also been upgraded, with a wider contact surface folding clamp and a larger range of motion for the upper and lower hinge. This greatly improves ride stability and solves the problem of steering movement.

In terms of technical specifications, the Dualtron Ultra 2 has a battery capacity of 72V 32Ah (CN 21700 Cells) and a net weight of 45.8 kg. It has a nominal power of 1800W (dual motor 3600W) and a maximum power of 3300W (dual motor 6600W). The scooter has a controller of 72V 40A x2, a maximum speed of 96 km/h, and a range of 100 km.

The scooter is equipped with hydraulic brakes and electric brakes, 6.5-inch split rim wheels with inner tubes and 11-inch off-road tyres, and front and rear suspension. The display is an EY4 LCD Bluetooth display, which can be connected to the Dualtron App, and the wheelbase is 97cm, with a ground clearance of 18cm.

The Dualtron Ultra 2 also features several safety improvements, including a built-in sound horn, headlight, multi-switch with headlight/indicators/horn, and turn signals front and rear. The scooter also has added yellow indicators on the side panels, 2 x front and 2 x rear, and improved folding system with newly designed lower hinge, upper hinge, and folding clamp. With these enhancements, the Dualtron Ultra 2 provides a more secure and enjoyable ride.

Technical Specifications

  • Battery Capacity : 72V 32Ah (CN 21700 Cells)
  • Net Weight : 45.8 Kg
  • Nominal Power : 1800 W Motor (Dual Motor 3600 W)
  • Max Power : 3300 W (Dual Motor 6600W)
  • Controller : 72V 40A x2
  • Max Speed : 96 Km/h
  • Range : 100 Km
  • Unfolded Size : 1260 x 685 x 1300 MM
  • Folded Size : 1260 x 685 x 750 MM
  • Wheelbase : 97 CM
  • Ground Clearance : 18 CM
  • Display : EY4 LCD Bluetooth Display, Ability to Connect to Dualtron App
  • Suspension : Front & Rear Suspension
  • Brake : Hydraulic Brake & Electric Brake
  • Wheel : 6.5 Inch Split Rim with Inner Tube and Tyre (Can be Converted to Monobloc and Tubeless Tyre)
  • Tyre : 11 Inch Off Road Tyre With Tube
  • Rim : Split Rim Design

Dualtron Ultra 2 UPGRADE 2023 List of Upgrades

  1. EY4 Throttle UPGRADE: WITH Bluetooth Connection with Smartphone, Minimotors App Support, Smart, Wide Screen, Speed Display, ABS, PAS, Time, Controller Temperature, Distance, Remaining Battery, Lock)
  2. Sound and Lighting Systems UPGRADE : New Multi Switch with Status Light Indicator for : Electronic Horn, Turn Signal Indicators, 30W Headlight
  3. Handlebars UPGRADE : The Handlebar is widened from 600 MM to 685 MM reducing the burden on the arm and relieving fatigue. It makes it easier to control the scooter and safer to ride.
  4. Folding System UPGRADE : Wider contact surface folding clamp; larger range of motion for the upper and lower hinge which greatly improves ride stability and solve the problem of steering movement.

Safety Improvements over Dualtron Ultra 2

  • Built-In Sound Horn
  • Built-in Headlight
  • Built-in Multi Switch with Headlight/Indicators/Horn
  • Built-In Turn Signals Front and Rear
  • Added Yellow Indicators on the Side Panels 2 x Front and 2 x Rear.
  • Turn Signal Indicators function individually from the Yellow Hazard Lights built into the rear of the Controller Case.
  • Improved Folding System with Newly Designed Lower Hinge, Upper Hinge, Folding Clamp
  • Longer Handlebars
  • Built-In EY4 Throttle Smart LCD Display with Bluetooth Connectivity to Smartphone through the dedicated Dualtron App.


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Manufacturer https://www.dual-tron.com/
Dispatched from SCOOTERA LTD
Product First Available: February 4, 2023

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