Dualtron Raptor Controller 60V 22A

60V 22A Controller for Dualtron Raptor

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Controller for Dualtron Raptor

  • 60V 22A*2 Controller for Dualtron Raptor
  • The Marking on the Dualtron Raptor Controller is 60V 22A*2 since it can drive 2x Motors capable of producing 3000W
  • Replace your Defective Controller by Ordering a Dualtron Raptor Controller from us.
  • It may include XT150 connectors or smaller to help you re-attach the New Dualtron Raptor Controller and create solid connections that can prevent over-heating and hotspots.
  • It may include a tube of Thermal Paste to re-create the much-needed heat-transfer.


You'll need to apply some new thermal paste to your Controller. This paste is also known as TIM: Thermal Interface Material. Thermal paste is essential for the heat dissipation from the casing of the Controller and your heatsink or the lower side of where it's attached to the scooter floor.

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