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Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra - Scootera - Scootera | Dualtron UK - Minimotors UK
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra
Dualtron Ultra

Dualtron Ultra

Regular price 2,510.00 GBP 👌 Free shipping
Range 75 miles 120 km
Speed 15 mph 25 km/h
Climb 35° 70%
Power 5400 w 7 hp
Weight 80 lb 36 kg
Load 330 lb 150 kg
Battery 32 ah LG 3200
Default P Factory Settings for Dualtron for each Model :
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron X
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Thunder
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Ultra
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron 3
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Spider
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Compact
dualtron uk factory p settings Dualtron Raptor
dualtron uk factory p settings Speedway 5
dualtron uk factory p settings Speedway 4

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Dualtron Ultra 5400W (V2)

Dualtron Ultra 5400W Electric Scooter made by Minimotors has the highest power output on an electric scooter. It has been defeated by the 6700W on DualtronX launched in May 2019.
Ultra has sufficient horsepower to master any hill in its track. The range on One Charge (5 hours with Fast Charger) is an astounding 75 Miles.

Attaching an 18 Ah Powerbank will increase the range to 130 Miles.

The high-performance lithium-ion battery is 100% Korean, manufactured by LG using LG3200 High Energy Density Cells with a total capacity of 32Ah- 75 Miles Range on an Electric Scooter! Think about the hours of fun that you can have, uninterrupted and the safety of the battery.

It is the Ultimate Off-Roader. Ultra is a High-Performance Scooter and an end to the argument about off-road ability, speed, power, the ability to climb very steep hills, safety.

As a premium luxury brand, Dualtron Ultra rewrites the history of the off-road electric scooter.

A unique heat sink structure placed under the deck prevents overheating so you can ride as long as you wish by avoiding damage to the controller from high heat generated from the dual controller.

Safety Precautions

Dualtron Ultra, which is born with tremendous force, is an off-road electric scooter for extreme conditions. Be sure to wear the full-face helmet and protective gear ideally and use it safely in a safe place. Add protective gloves, kneepads, elbow pads, backbone pads, shoulder pads, a body airbag (HELITE or Hövding)

Suspension and Driving Comfort

One of the most critical parts of Dualtron Ultra, the front, the rear swingarm is made of unique forged aluminium for aircraft to ensure durability and safe running in off-road conditions.

The swing arms, suspension and the frame are all designed around thousands of miles of testing and can withstand ultimate abuse and continued exposure to external forces like pulling the brakes abruptly or accelerating in a steep slope.

The FOCUS on achieving a superior driving comfort of the Dualtron Ultra has made the engineers at Minimotors Korea come up with a dual high-density Polyurethane Suspension on the front and rear: a high density, high impact Polyurethane Suspension offers stability for both high levels of shock as well as absorbing tiny vibrations.

Added to the front and rear wheels it gives excellent shock absorption and the soundest travel comfort across bumpy terrain ever accomplished on a two-wheel electric scooter.

Magnetic Brakes and Mechanical Brakes

The excellent braking capability of Dualtron Ultra stands in the magnetic brakes and also mechanical dual disc brakes, provide the best braking performance with the added benefit of regenerative charging when braking or going downhill. The magnetic brake prevents early "locking" of the mechanical brake on sandy and wet surfaces.

When the machine is delivered initially from the factory, the magnetic brake function is activated.


The LCD on the Dualtron Ultra allows you to adjust the various features such as Speed Step ( 1,2,3 ), Smooth Start (1,2,3,4,5), Kick-Start or Instant-Start, and all of them are in the User Manual that can be downloaded now by clicking the link below.


Dualtron ULTRA is the Dream of Electric Technology Powered by Minimotors in Korea and is now available in England through Scootera.uk