Handlebars by Carbonrevo

Handlebars by Carbonrevo

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Carbonrevo Carbon Fibre HandlebarsCarbonrevo Carbon Fibre HandlebarsCarbonrevo Carbon Fibre HandlebarsCarbonrevo Carbon Fibre HandlebarsCarbonrevo Carbon Fibre Handlebars

This is one of the best looking Handlebars adapted for Dualtron Models, made by CarbonRevo in Singapore. Length 64 cm and Weight of 150 grams make for some super weight savings from the original 2-3 kg stock handlebar. It can fit a Universal Stem diameter of 31.8 MM and as mentioned earlier it fits all scooters. For the Fixed T-Handlebars on Speedway, you can saw off the top portion and upgrade to the Carbon Fibre Sterring Rod. A Stem  + Shim is needed to install this handlebar. Order them separately.

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